Olivia Kane thinks she’s found the perfect job shadowing Mr. Porter, a renowned criminal psychologist, until she discovers a terrible secret.  Through Mr. Porter, Olivia is then introduced to the life of Gatekeepers, professionals who are commissioned by the rich and powerful to conceal heinous crimes.

GATEKEEPER is a psychological thriller. One of the newer comics on MangaMagazine, there are only four chapters available so far. It can be difficult to recommend a comic when it isn’t very far along, but GATEKEEPER promises character development, and hopefully, many plot twists to keep the readers constantly on their feet. Crime films, shows, and comics never cease to reign in a large fan-base –and there is no exception here with nearly 500 fans on MangaMagazine alone (over 500 fans on Smackjeeves).

Following the classic black-and-white art style that so many artists use, boxno takes on the challenge of creating crime scenes with no colour to differentiate between blood, background, and other spilt substances. Fortunately, boxno succeeds in this with flying colours!

*boxno has no trouble showing the difference between blood and background, even creating some detail within the gore itself.

GATEKEEPER may not be very far in the plot yet, but I would still recommend it to someone to read. Or at least mention it in passing. The artwork is well done, and the writing (including the layout of the writing) is riddled with strong depictions of emotion.

*boxno separates the words creating a sense of drama, also deepening the emotional connection with the character by creating a dark splatter in the corner to depict despair and self destruction.

I personally look forward to more to come in boxno’s GATEKEEPER. Hopefully, boxno can continue to keep the audience intrigued in the characters’ development, as well as the potential build in the plot.

With popcorn in hand –and a tall glass of wine –I wait in anticipation as the plot opens up, offering a variety of pathways for the characters to wander down. The last chapter available on MangaMagazine leaves the audience hanging, grasping at answers but only leaving with questions.

The attention of the audience is in your hands, boxno. So what will it be?


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GATEKEEPER can be found on Tapastic and Smackjeeves.

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