Betrayed by the ones he cherished most, and after graduating from high school with a series of heart-breaks; Black left his home and lived away with a friend of his dad’s. In the greyscale life he lived, he longed for nothing but the end of his life, until a person from the past crashes out of nowhere to re-add the contrast Black needs.

Grey is… starts off by pulling at your heart strings. deeJuusan captures the audience with ease using a short prologue about the main characters’ eternal friendship. But the story quickly changes tone with the first chapter, bringing you smack into the middle of Black’s life after his best friend White left for unknown reasons.

deeJuusan recreates the reality of depression and a loss of identity with strong images and sorrow-filled words. The most unique way in which this is captured is by incorporating the shades of white, black, and grey, and how each shade represents different meanings. White for light, black for darkness, and grey… well, that’s to be decided by you, and by the characters.

*Everyone turns away from colour and views the world in grey -representing the world in the eyes of someone experiencing depression.

deeJuusan stays true to her theme by creating the manga in black and white, with shades of grey. For information on how exactly deeJuusan does her art style, click here (under thArtist tab).

The contrast between black and white sets a beautiful art style with strong lines, and large spaces.

* The prologue cover clearly demonstrates the use of white space, and captures the comics characteristic black-and-white (with shades of grey) art style.

A particularly unique feature of Grey is… is the fact that the comic consists of the main storyline, the past that influenced the plot as we see it now, and the deep monologues that occur in each chapter. Each chapter brings a new perspective on all sorts of life events, from the good, the bad, and the seemingly unbearable. And with each chapter, a new revelation is made by the characters, which hopefully sheds some light for the readers on mental illness, as well as finding the good moments in the worst.

* In chapter 22, White gives a monologue on how he feels -how he views himself in the world, and as a friend to Black.

This is definitely a comic that everyone should read. If you enjoy following an artist in their journey from start to finish in making a comic, this is the one to choose. deeJuusan calls for many more chapters to come (with 23+ chapters already released).

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