A funny romance about Ilona who hates her new neighbor!

Sure he might be a tall, athletic, motorcycle-riding hot model kind of a guy but he’s snarky and rude. Just like the jocks in school that used to make fun of Ilona because she was a nerdy tomboy girl. And did he say something about Ilona’s panties?!

This means war! Ilona wants him gone, right now! Because he’s a horrible person…but wait, he actually has a kind side? …and how come he’s always helping her out when she’s in a pinch? Could she have been wrong about him?

I don’t normally go for the romantic comic (or movie for that matter!). I like some action, and honestly, there tends to be a lack of plot in romantic scripts. But JigokuNeko manages to create a witty comic that keeps me laughing with each new scene in Trouble Next Door.

      *Damian jokes about an incident that occured earlier in the comic

Trouble Next Door has a fairly large fan base –and it isn’t difficult to decipher why. The art style is simplistic and relatively well drawn, and the story remains on a firm plot, with quirky side-stories along the way. It keeps you interested, but with few major plot twists. So if you are a fan of getting knocked off your chair because of some outrages thing that just occurred –you might want to look somewhere else.

*Two-faced Demon -uh, I mean Damian 

This comic keeps you entertained and squealing with delight at every interaction between the two main characters. However, don’t think that this story is all fun and games –there are some dark secrets hidden behind locked doors.

   *Damian versus his past

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy reading Trouble Next Door and I look forward to more. According to JigokuNeko, it is the storyline that is most important to her, and the art is a secondary appeal. And I agree with her. It wasn’t the art that snagged me on this comic. I enjoyed the humour and the plotline more than the art and that is the reason that I keep on reading. The art just adds a little extra viewing pleasure to the storyline.

 *Exaggerated faces of anger and despair create a comical look at a rather distressing comment from Judge Finn. 


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