In a world where the line between fantasy and reality is thin, Feral Earhart,  a young Lion from a land far away, has now to take it upon himself to save the world.  To do so he and his friends have to find an ancient power that was created along with the universe itself, if they ever want to stand a chance against ‘The ones that forever shall be.’

Ishton creates a unique and fantastic world of immense creativity in Dao. A story heavily influenced by the interactions between gods and their subordinates, Dao is action-packed and intense. The scenes are rich with colour and full of gorgeous background shots.

Along with the gorgeous background, Ishton uses a beautiful colour palette when creating characters. Giving each character a unique colour combination, Ishton teases the viewer’s eyes with dramatic lines and rich detail.

For extra dramatic effect, Ishton captures a stunning use of space, luring you into the emotion a character is feeling.

The art is visually appealing, but it needs to be made clear that the art isn’t a mask hiding faults in the plot. Ishton has created a very in-depth storyline, with plot twists, rich historical background, and even deeper character personalities.

A comic wouldn’t be a comic without some humour, though! Ishton adds in a few sly comic reliefs every now and again, showing off a sense of humour and giving the audience a chance to breath inbetween the more serious scenes.

I would highly recommend you give this comic a read. That being said, there are a few warnings that must be mentioned before you get lost in the story and art. Firstly, this story does contain BL (boy love). It isn’t the main focus of the story, however. Secondly, this is not a story for the faint of heart. There is blood, gore, and a fair share of violence. If this makes you uncomfortable, I’d say this isn’t the comic for you.

Overall, this is one of the most visually appealing comics that I have read. The plot doesn’t fail to drag in its audience either. I look forward for more to come!


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