Acroalis is a fantasy world in which everyone has been living peacefully. that is, until two metors landed.

the people of Acroalis ignored them, thinking them of a normal phenomena, but little do they know the metors

contained a powerfull source. one that will change all of Acroalis

Acroalis, unfortunately, is not my favourite comic. This has nothing to do with the plot however, so in the end the problems I have with this comic are fixable. Most of the problems are surface problems with only a few more deeply rooted problems, but for the most part they are relatively easy fixes.

The biggest problem I have with Acroalis right now is the poor use of grammar. I understand that Junior18 is originally not from a country in which their main language is English, and therefore I give him some credit. But it’s important that if you don’t understand the rules to a language, that you contact someone who does so that you can come across professionally to your readers.

A problem that is more deeply rooted within the comic is the artwork. Unfortunately, the line work isn’t all that great, and some of the rules for shading seem to have been forgotten. That being said, there are attempts at shading that, with more practice, could turn out quite nicely. Another area I’m a bit confused on are the angles chosen for some of the scenes. There seem to be quite a few “crotch shots” and it really isn’t a flattering angle for anyone.

       Line work



Junior18 brought a unique concept into his comic. The “Choose Your Own Adventure” concept is one of my favourites because it allows the readers to participate in the decisions that the character can make. It is a bit confusing on where to go for the next step, but this is something that can be fixed with a better layout. It would be nice to know what the purpose of the point system is, though.

    “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Junior 18 continues on with unique comic book characteristics by bringing in a classic videogame feel to Acroalis during the “battle modes”.  A bit refreshing to see something like this.

There is some humour, and for those of you who have ever played mmorpg’s, some of the comical scenes do a nice job of capturing what you may feel when, for example, you are facing a mob that is too high a level for your character.

Acroalis is not finished, so Junior18 still has room to grow and explore some new tactics for this comic. I think he would do very well in the future years if he continues to practice and get advice from people who are a little more experienced.


If you would like to support Junior18 in his journey in the comic profession, read his comic Acroalis here.