In the future, even machines will need an angel. Hired as a nurse for cyborgs, Angel finds herself thrown into explosive mech battles and a cyborg family gang war. It’s about a girl without any super powers being forced to face a family of crazy cyborgs with mechs and all sorts of weapons that want to kill each other. Not only does she need to survive, but she will also have to help bring them something they’ve been missing, peace.

If you want to read a comic in which you can physically see the dramatic changes from beginning to end, then this comic truly is the one you should be checking out. Mayshing started this comic using pencils, switched to markers, then a combination of CG and markers and pencils, and sticking with the CG style, went from paint to anime style. She is constantly changing her art style and it is fascinating to watch her grow as her comics progress.

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When I first started reading this comic, I was sceptical about the plot line. It had a lot of potential, but I’m not usually a sci-fi type of girl. I find that a lot of sci-fi comics, movies, etc. all add too much explanation, and little character development because they just don’t have enough room for both. Creating an entirely new world with entirely new concepts can be draining on the readers and more of a hassle than an enjoyment.

But mayshing starts E-Depth Angel off with getting to know the characters instead of the world. She focuses heavily on character development, allowing the plot and world to help transform them into who they are, and who they will become. She explains the world and the different concepts as the characters grow, filling in gaps when need be. It makes the comic a more enjoyable read, and prevents the characters’ conversations from getting too wordy.

        *Lots of speech bubbles, but relatively nice flow

The plot line actually makes a dramatic change in focus throughout the comic. Going from a gladiator type plot to something much deeper, developing a world full of turmoil that the main characters have the opportunity to make a difference in.

I thoroughly enjoy watching mayshing grow in her art style, plotline, and script. I look forward to the chapters to come, and the challenges the characters have to face –both physically and psychologically.

Check out E-Depth Angel now! Mayshing has decided to update the remaining pages on her Patreon. You can find the link below. E-Depth Angel is also making the long transition over to Tapastic


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