In a distant future, on a foreign world, Knights, Dukes and Princes seek to coexist amid a bounty of marvelously advanced technologies and a desire to maintain the old ways. The Luminary Council, an Order of Knights run by the ghostly manifestations of the thousand-year-old Eidolon, seek to bring the world together for mutual gain…but one nation, Kitez, proves to be a thorn in their side. On the eve of a potential breakthrough, catastrophe strikes, and it seeks to destabilize everything the Eidolon had striven for.

Ten years pass…and the threat of retaliation seems over. Kitez has been locked down to the outside, but new forces loom on the horizon, daring to kick at the sleeping Lion.

Follow the Knight Gabriel Lugios, and his partners Ren Nibasai and Setharion Rydell as they venture into unknown dangers and uncover a millennium’s worth of dark secrets…

Eidolon is a coloured web comic that starts off with an explanation of the politics of the world through a situation occurring in one of the nations. But don’t let the talk of politics draw you away from this comic, because it picks up within only a few pages with a dramatic and unexpected death. From there, Eidolon quickly turns to the exciting adventures of the oddly attractive, Gabriel and his raven-haired partner, Ren.

Eidolon has stunning artwork with beautiful scenery shots, and magnificent colour combinations.

colour cominations

Tallus Rip is able to depict emotions clearly in her characters, and even has the ability to shock the audience with some of her scenes, giving the audience the same feelings the character would be feeling during that moment (something that can be difficult to capture).

With a foreign world, comes the opportunity to create new creatures and character designs that wouldn’t be found in other stories. Tallus Rip does a good job at creating multiple designs that are unique to her comic.

Tallus Rip has created a world that clearly has been well thought-out and has a balanced use of future technology and fantasy mixed together.

As the comic currently stands, the main characters are still under developed. What I mean by this is that we know very little of their history and have yet to gain a strong bond with the characters’ feelings. With what we already know however, is enough for us to thoroughly enjoy the characters as they set out on their journey to new locations, and new situations.

I personally look forward to reading more from Tallus Rip and am always excited for the newest update!


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