Identity; a name, a reputation, a legend. It’s who we are, it’s who we have made ourselves to be. But what if you woke up one day and forgot everything? Your own name, your family, your favorite song… you know nothing about yourself except the emotions you’re feeling at that very moment. Suddenly, your fear is all you have to hold on to. Would you try to remember who you used to be? Or would you let yourself be reborn and take on a new everything? What makes you YOU?

FaLLEN is about a team of girls who one day find themselves not knowing the answer to the simplest question; who are you? Vox, a mousy messenger from a goddess-like being known as an Aeon, tells the amnesiatic girls he can give them back their identities. All they have to do in return is fulfill their duties as Guardians, an elite team of warrior women with magical abilities chosen to guard the Mother Aeon. There’s only one problem; she’s missing.

Join Arma and the other Guardians as they try to discover the truth about their pasts as well as the truth about the mysterious Aeon in this new take on the magical girls genre that has something for guys and girls alike!

FaLLEN was not a comic I was originally interested in reading. It seemed like that typical hero/heroine story where the plot is the same as all the other ones before it.

Except I was wrong.

There is some truth to my original opinion, but sometimes I forget the very old, and very true saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

FaLLEN follows the century old plot in which the hero, or in this case heroine, saves the “damsel in distress”. However, there are several things that truly make FaLLEN stand out.

One is that the heroine doesn’t know who she is, or what she is capable of. In fact, she doesn’t even remember her name. She has entered a side of the world that she didn’t even know existed, and now she is told that she must save someone of great importance. The only issue that I have with this personally, is that she doesn’t really question it, and the one person that holds the answers, isn’t giving them. It can be frustrating as a reader to know that someone has the answers to all the questions but is refusing to give them. But then again, that is a reason that I continued to read.

Well played, Ogawa Burukku, well played.

A second thing that makes FaLLEN different from all the other hero stories, is that there are no “heroes”. There are heroines. A nice twist that brings a bit of character flare to the classic stereotypical “I am strong, and brave, and manly” idea. Although the main character certainly fits that role, the others do not.

Which brings about my third and final point on why FaLLEN isn’t just another heroic story. There is more than one heroine. Think back to your childhood days (or mine at least) and the type of heroines like Sailor Moon (There is even a reference to Sailor Moon in FaLLEN). A group of girls band together to welcome their fate, or destiny, to prevent evil and save the world. Something along those lines. It was refreshing and nostalgic to read FaLLEN, a combination you don’t get very often.

Ogawa Burukku has created a brilliant comic with an intriguing storyline and lovable characters. She uses the underbelly of a classic design, with a thick plot that has much room to grow, all encased in laugh-out-loud moments that lightens the mood in what could have been an unduly violent comic. At times the characters boarder on the ridiculous side of the spectrum, but what else would you expect from a group of girls who don’t know who they are and what the heck they are doing?

With six chapters already written, and just scratching the surface of the plot, Ogawa Burukku keeps an audience ensnared, wondering what will happen next as these girls figure out who they are and get to the deeper purpose of their existence.

I certainly look forward to the chapters to come, and am pleasantly surprised by the results so far. Time and again I need to remind myself that one should never judge a book by its cover and to always (at least) read the first chapter. Although in FaLLEN‘s case, maybe give it two chapters. Not because the plot isn’t there, but because the first chapter may deter you away based on nudity alone. Don’t worry, it’s …conservative… nudity.


If you are interested in reading FaLLEN, check it out here!

Also, check out Ogawa Burukku’s deviantart page for more!