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Satou finds himself at a new school. A kid named Kenji Introduces him to a peculiar game called Imagination wars. The game evolves and goes places that no one thought it would.

This comic brings back childhood memories. Sitting in front of the television after school watching some “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, the main characters battling out all their problems with cards that come to life (if you didn’t watch this at least once as a kid then you have been living under a rock, my friend).  Although the concept has been done before, Kaidriverazor brings in new elements to keep it fresh and exciting and creates his own version of a popular idea: characters fighting each other indirectly.

Yu-Gi-Oh! gif

Imagination Wars starts off like a typical comic. The main character is starting at a new school. This idea has been so overused it nearly turns me away from comics. That being said, it is a very easy way to introduce characters, so let’s just roll with it.

Kaidriverazor manages to bring in some humour throughout the story, which does convince me to keep going with Imagination Wars (any comic with a bit of humour thrown in is on good terms with me).

In fact, Kaidriverazor also impressed me with his use of panel designs, and the ability to incorporate characters thoughts within a larger panel by framing them in small corner panels.

Unfortunately, Imagination Wars is only in the first couple of chapters here on Inkblazers. This means that the plot has yet to develop further, and the major climatic events have yet to occur. It can be difficult to follow a comic that hasn’t given you much to go off of yet.

That being said, it can be pretty easy to make assumptions on what some of the main general conflicts will be. Here’s to hoping that Kaidriverazor has some awesome plot twists to offer!

Now to the good stuff: script and artsy fartsy details.

There is a lot of room for improvement for Kaidriverazor with Imagination Wars. And that, sir, is a good thing.

Because Imagination Wars is only in the beginning few chapters, Kaidriverazor has the ability to drastically improve its quality in art and script over time. The exciting part about making a comic (or any type of work for that matter), is learning what works for you and what does not. The more you work on a project, the more you begin to get to know yourself as a creator. Projects take time and patience and a whole lot of effort. It can be incredibly rewarding to see how much you improve from one page to the next. Kaidriverazor has been taking this into account and has redrawn some of Imagination Wars already.

What I personally have noticed with the script for this comic is that the flow from one conversation to the next has little transition. What I mean by this is that the conversations jump at random to a new topic. I realize this is a tactic to get the comic to move more quickly into the actual plot (especially true for the very beginning) but the use of transition sentences, or even finding a way to incorporate transitions into the paneling of scenes could help with this.

Art wise, it’s a bit lacking in detail. Some of the close-up shots for example would benefit from more details in the face, better capturing a strong emotion.

Shading is very simplistic as well, with most scenes depicted using hatching, or cross-hatching.

Although most of the time the characters remain very flat, there are the occasional scenes in which there is more depth to the characters. These scenes dramatically increase the quality of the comic and the overall artwork would benefit from more of this.

Overall, Kaidriverazor has a unique concept that has a lot of potential to develop into an exciting new comic!


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