“Long long time ago, our peaceful world was overthrown by monsters under the control of an Evil Lord that brought fear and suppression to the world. But one brave man decided to stand up against his odds. The Goddess saw his bravery and his heroics and granted him the knowledge of magic. With magic, our hero fought more furiously, but it was not enough. Thanks to his knowledge of magic he has learned to summon a mystical creature to be his mentor, protector, and companion, called the “Guardian”. With his Guardian, our hero defeated the Evil Lord and brought peace back to the world.”

100 years has passed since this knowledge of magic has spread around our world. What element would you control? What kind of Guardian is yours?

Kingdom Heaven targeted a soft spot for me. Dragons. If I had to choose one mythical creature that fascinated me the most, dragons would be my number one choice (gryphons and thestrals a close second). This comic revolves around this little girl’s relationship with a dragon. In all honesty, it’s also the reason why I’m going to continue reading it.

Art wise, the comic starts off well. What I found odd however, is that the artwork gets worse as the comic goes on. This may be due to time crunches, or anything really, but I became more and more disappointed with the progression of the art.

Scene in the beginning of the chapter

Scene later in the chapter

Overall shapes are nice, a bit more work needs to be put into profiles, though.

WonEntertainmenet is able to capture action shots well throughout the entire comic.

The script is lovely. The little girl has relatable issues that she is facing, and you immediately love her character. There is conflict and resolution available, along with character growth. Writing wise, it could be a bit better. A lot of time transitions are used to get from one scene to another. This is useful, but it would be nice to see a bit of creativity within transitions.

There is one particular scene that I think is captured beautifully, both art and script wise. It clearly depicts a scene of bullying and how the character is affected by it.

This comic focuses a lot on peer bullying, and it does a magnificent job on capturing the feelings of the character and how bullying affects a person. I would love to see a bit more sympathy from other background characters, maybe even just a small look of empathy. Or even some whispering amongst groups of peers that are not involved in the bullying (nothing that would affect the plot).

But don’t fret that this comic is going to be a depressing read. Won does throw in some humour to make sure that the readers do not get too depressed from the poor situations that this little girl is in.

Overall, I do enjoy Kingdom Heaven. I would like to see more of this story because as it stand curently, it leaves the reader at the end of the introduction of the characters. The plot has just begun, and I am intrigued to see where Won takes this odd relationship between a girl and a dragon.


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