Let’s Stay Together is a story that follows Kiara Davis. A 16 year old girl who recently started dating long time friend Andre. When she grows tired of him not giving her any attention Kiara starts to ask questions. But what she learns will change her life forever.

When I first starting reading Let’s Stay Together, I was turned off by how blunt the comic was.  The opening scene starts with three friends at school talking about their sex life. In fact, the whole comic is based on sex.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it was just a surprise. What I was mostly turned off by was the limited character development. To give some credit to Anisykes, it is a relatively short comic which can be difficult to fit character development in properly (although it is possible!). You could probably read Let’s Stay Together in five to ten minutes. But the little bit of character development that is in the comic is very important.

I would consider Let’s Stay Together an educational read. It doesn’t cover all the information that I would deem necessary to really bring about a good educational lesson, but it does have the underlining of one. The right topic is there for sure, bringing about awareness for a stigma that exists in our current society.

Though the moral lesson is there, the artwork isn’t quite to par. The lines are rough, and the shading and colouring needs some work. But just like the plot, there is potential for greatness. With some hard work and practice, this comic could be beautiful written and drawn.

For Anisykes first comic on Inkblazers, Let’s Stay Together is a nice effort at a possible future in the comic world.

I look forward to great things to come from AnisykesComics!

You can read Let’s Stay Together on Smackjeeves.