500 years after the end of human civilization and drastic change of earth caused by wars, in order to survive, mankind use their advance technology to transfer their mind into mechanical body called Automa. After so many decades passed, what left from the past glory of human is a few surviving number of Automa and old Droids who lived within the ruins of human civilization.

But one day, a man who known as “Doctor” and his assistant Yurika found something they never seen for hundreds years.

“This is story about human who became a machine.Machine who learn to be human. And the only human who live among machines.”

Every time I write a review on a science fiction comic I feel obligated to state that I normally don’t enjoy sci-fi. And it seems that I am proven wrong time and time again. Apparently I love sci-fi. Or, according to the few that I have read here on Inkblazers, I certainly am a fan.

Only Human is centred (like most science fiction stories) around an entirely new world -or at least super futuristic- completely made-up by the author. This is probably the one thing that I have the most respect for. I have tried making up a new world with unique flora and fauna, and let me tell you, it is not easy. There is a lot of planning and thought that needs to go into something like this, and let me tell you, Sinlaire nails it.

Sinlaire is able to create unique character designs that would be easily recognizable as part of Only Human if located in another situation. What I mean by this is, if someone dressed up as one of Sinlaire’s characters at a comic convention, or if the characters were featured in someone else’s comic, you would know exactly who they were. But not only are they unique characters, but they also fit perfectly into the world Sinlaire has created. They fit so well into the world that they appear to be created from the world itself.

Even though the characters are not your typical designs, Sinlaire still manages to throw in some cuteness to the character designs, making the comic that much more enjoyable to read.

A little bit of humour here and there doesn’t hurt much, either.

What I found the most confusing about Only Human though, and took me a while to adjust to, was the paneling. Only Human is laid out differently than your classic sequence of panels, a layout known as 4-koma. You start reading from the left and work your way down, then go back to the top right and work your way down again. Because of this design, Only Human has a lot of panels on one page.

The majority of the panels are smaller than normal, but don’t worry, Sinlaire does an excellent job incorporating space and transitions between them.

Plus large shots like this have a huge impact on the audience after reading all those small panels.

The only thing that I am really unsure about with Only Human is the amount of conversation that occurs. I found myself getting tired of reading so much. I’m not sure all of the speech that goes on between the characters is absolutely necessary. Maybe cutting back on some of the small talk may help the panels flow more smoothly. Other than that there are a few grammar errors, but nothing that prevents you from understanding what is going on.

Overall, I really do enjoy Only Human. There are a few chapters already released, but the story is obviously not complete. I’m looking forward to where Sinlaire will take the characters.

*I couldn’t find a good spot to put this, but I really wanted to include it. Sinlaire has an amazing collection of illustrations, and shows his incredible talent with colouring in his chapter covers. If you don’t want to read his comic, at least check out his illustrations and support him where you can.


Interested in Only Human? Check it out here!

Sinlaire can also be found on deviantart and pixiv.