Simon, once brilliant law student at the prestigious Haversford Campus, now finds himself council for those in need of representation against the occult.  It’s the age old Faustian tale, but this time, Faust has a killer lawyer.

Simon Sues is sure to capture an audience with the ever-lovable theme of lawyers, and the battle for the truth.

    *Not your normal lawyer, Simon is given unusual and life-threatening cases. 

Classic black and white art style, Myung Hee Kim captures brilliant scenes that embody rich emotions. The characters faces capture each emotion with intense lines of expression.

With painstaking detail, Myung Hee Kim creates beautiful background scenes.

Simon Sues has an intense storyline, with each chapter a new case that Simon must win, or face his inevitable death.

*With unique character designs, Myung Hee Kim captures a moment of intensity as Simon battles Razzaffen. 

Riveting story and beautifully drawn, Simon Sues is a read that no one can pass down. With so many chapters already written (28 chapters and still going strong!) each main character’s personality is well developed and you will surely fall in love with each one. Deep history is explored, and each main character has a secret backstory that is touched upon, helping to create an understanding of the character’s actions and decisions for the readers.

If you enjoy complex cases, nail-biting scenes, and a little bit of horror, then endulge yourself in Simon Sues. It won’t disappoint.


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