The story of the improbable meeting between Aki, an orphan girl, and Toru, a cursed Lycan with red eyes.

Re-discover the myth of the Beast of Gévaudan!

Beware the wolf….

One of the most visually pleasing comics I have ever read, Stray Dog lures in readers merely by its eccentric cover.

VanRah has created a world from a concept that has become very popular over the past couple of years. Werewolves have always been a fascinated topic within cultures all over the world, but there has been a rather childish twist only recently. These beasts have been viewed as horrific creatures for centuries, and now have been made to look like misunderstood scruffy men that every women falls in love with. VanRah takes this new concept of werewolves and shoves it back down the throats of its creators, and in my opinion, back where it belongs.

VanRah does a magnificent job of recreating the idea of werewolves, using old folklore represented through the script and imagined through strong colour combinations as well as black and white scenes. She creates a world that is viewed from the eyes of a werewolf. No longer is the view taken from the human’s perspective, viewing werewolves as horrible creatures. VanRah introduces a world in which humans are the bigger evil of the two.

The story follows Toru, a demonic werewolf with incredible abilities through a series of life changing events. The plot is intense with many violent scenes, and yet it remains incredibly powerful through well depicted emotions and character development.

Even though Stray Dog is a serious story, it does have its moments of comedic relief. When Toru meets Aki the story takes on a whole new angle, introducing a light side to the seemingly always dreary Toru. It presents a nice change in story pace and creates a strong relationship between two beloved characters.

As much as I do enjoy Stray Dog, it may be difficult to understand at some points. The English translation can be a bit rough on some of the pages, and it may take several reads before you understand exactly what is being said. As well, some of the fight scenes can be difficult to see because of VanRah’s unique art style, which may be seen as well-flourished with too much going on in one shot. And yet, Stray Dog remains one of the comics I am the most excited for when it updates.

Overall, I would highly recommend giving Stray Dog a read. It already has a large fan base, and it deserves the continual support. VanRah has created a magnificent story and I look forward to reading more from her.


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