The adventures of four travelers unknowingly wrapped up in a chain of events, all leading to one man’s plot to turn the world on its head. Action, laughs, and mystery all packed into one Post-Apoc world

The Lostland has multiple protagonists (and anti-heroes), all tied together with one antagonist. The story is clearly well thought-out, allowing for a nice flow from one character to the next.

The characters are known as shapers, which are not well-liked by their known society. Shapers have the ability to manipulate objects and matter in order to obtain what they desire, however, from what I have gathered (very little is actually told about shapers within the story) each shaper has unique abilities. It is an interesting concept that I wish was explained just a little bit more. I would like to know why shapers exist, and why they are feared by the rest of their world. I’m assuming it’s a post-apocalyptic consequence, but for all I know it could be caused by something else entirely. Actually, it would be nice to know the history of the world in The Lostland, it might help pull the story together and make everything that is happening a little more clear (not that it is hard to understand now).

As for the layout and art, there is always room for improvement. That being said, J.M. Henry had some interesting character introductions, as well as some unique transitions from one scene or panel to the next.

J.M. Henry was also able to capture some movement scenes quite nicely, even utilizing a classic depiction of movement through sounds.

The Lostlands overall art style is simple and J.M. Henry uses some nice shading work to really bring his world to life. It would be more appealing to look at if there was a bit more depth to both the backgrounds and the characters, but the art as it is is nothing to complain about. It’s fine. J.M. Henry captures some nice landscapes and scenery in some of the larger panels.

Along with the art comes the script. Both are incredibly important to the success of a comic. J.M. Henry does a nice job creating a plot that is interesting, but unfortunately the main purpose of the comic is not entirely clear. At this point in the comic so far (last update was in December, 2014), not all the main characters are completely aware of each other, nor where the plot is leading them. In fact, we know very little about who the characters are in general. We have a bit of background information to each of them, but not enough to see where the plot may be headed. It will be interesting to watch as J.M. Henry begins to sew all the pieces together.

Even though we may not be entirely clear on where the plot is going, what we do have is pretty good. J.M. Henry adds in some humour every now and then to shake up the rather dreary and corrupt world that the characters live in. This humour is well depicted through comedic scenes, as well as snide little comments that some of the characters make at one another.

The Lostland is an interesting comic overall. There are a few things that may need to be addressed, such as some hard-to-see fight scenes and some unnecessary script, but in the end the comic is doing quite well so far.

I am definitely interested in seeing where it goes from here, and look forward to the future for J.M. Henry and his comics.


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