A world left empty from its Gods as the mortals struggle to continue living with poisoned lands, corrupted guardians and abandoned temples. Following the lives of Rahu; a nomad who believes one god has cursed him, Kyror; the last prince of the Great Creator Goddess’ land and Amy; A young woman who doesn’t belong. This is a story of a world abandoned by Gods and the people who try to find out why.

I absolutely adored the first main character. His storyline was intriguing, the world was fantastically created and very vividly drawn. I was excited to see where his story would go.

However, his story came to a halt to introduce new characters and a new plotline (that will eventually cross paths with the first story –hopefully). I was reluctant to read about the new characters. I did not enjoy them as much, and just wanted to see what would happen next to Rahu. I find myself just waiting for the next scene with him and his little deer in it.

I did warm up to them eventually, but I still look forward to more of Rahu’s storyline. It may have to do with the fact that we have a lot more background information on Rahu than the other characters. We understand his history, and have felt his pain. The other characters have only explained a bit of their history through conversations, and that does not offer as much emotional attachment as a flashback, like Rahu.

The artwork is beautifully drawn, with coloured pages in the first chapter, and the rest in black and white. I do wish the whole comic was in colour, as Petitecreme uses rich combinations, giving the comic a beautifully otherworldly feel. However, I am never put-off by black and white comics, and enjoy the artwork nonetheless.

The world is fascinating and has a rich history. Ancient ruins with immense detail, creative beasts with unique designs and shapes. Yet Petitecreme still keeps the world from diving into too unfamiliar territory, allowing the audience to sit back and enjoy the new ideas mixed in with the comfort of our own knowledge of how a world is supposed to look.

Overall, I enjoy the storyline and the characters. I look forward to when (and if) the two separate plots cross paths. I would recommend this comic if you enjoy unique art styles and new worlds. The comic offers some humour thrown in with the plot, keeping you interested and not just overwhelmed with facts.

I certainly look forward to more to come! You can start reading The Wastelands here.


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