His life shattered…

But to let the pieces go, is to lose everything he holds dear…

His father is missing, his mother is dead… And now, his only brother has framed him as a murderer before the whole world.

May God be with him, as prince Zenith fights for the pieces of a life that he thought was his own.

Z Forever starts off in the middle of the story. With a crash it jumps straight into the plotline. Readers watch as the main character fights for his life in just the first couple of pages. Nail in the Wrist captures his audience with ease.

Although the story has a great teaser to get the audience to read more, the art is amateur and the dialogue is choppy at best.

But fret not! For the comic quickly evolves from amateur to well-thought out, depicting scenes that build upon each other.

Not only do the dialogue scenes flow between scenes with more ease, but the artwork greatly improves with each chapter. By the time you reach the final chapter, you are on relatively good terms with the artwork and overjoyed with the intense script.

That being said, there is still room for improvement. For example, some of the body proportions remain slightly off, with awkward stances.

The script is well designed, but dialogue still has some breaks where it could flow more smoothly into the next speech bubble. The overuse of ellipsis doesn’t help much either.

If you enjoy watching an artist grow in their strengths, experimenting with different types of art styles, all combined in an ever-intensifying script with plenty of character development, then you should definitely check out Z Forever.

Nail in the Wrist has an impeccable ability to capture movement scenes.

The shading ability is strong with this one.

He can create unique transitions between stories.

The feels are real in this comic.

Give it a read if you like epic fight scenes with some hard core emotional scenes.


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