***Bite Me has be revised. Please take this into consideration when reading this review. Both the storyline and the artwork has been changed.***

Tiana moved to Mainland to study and have peacefull life. Unfortunatelly Ty, her classmate won’t let this happen, as it turned he’s a vampire and bites her. He sticks with the main protagonist after the whole situation. But because Ty is known as a seducer Tiana tries to push him away afraid he will take adventage on her. Soon she discovers sexual affection towards him. From now on she becomes his provider and both starts to know each other better day after day.

Bite Me falls into the category of romance and soft erotica. However, it has a storyline more closely related to your typical erotica, meaning the plot is lacking. A typical erotica novel or comic goes from a short scene of talking (or story-substance) straight into the more sexy scenes. Bite Me’s first few chapters do the same.

That being said, Bite Me still has a lot of potential for a great story. Based off of the current finished chapters, Bite Me leaves the readers hanging on some valuable information. This information could determine how Bite Me develops later on, and in all honesty, it can only get better from here.

Aside from the scenes that make you think “well, that escalated quickly”,

AffectedMind manages to create some great scenes that capture movement,

As well as raw emotions, which can be seen through angles and facial expressions.

Even though the main characters represent your classic “50 Shades of Grey” type characters (dominant male, submissive female), they do have quite a bit of development. Since only a few chapters are already available, this development occurs quite early on, but is subtle enough that it doesn’t feel rushed. In fact, Ty, the main male character, is quite intriguing. He has this very creepy vibe, and yet he is somehow attractive and likeable to the readers. This can be a difficult thing to accomplish, but by creating this “bad boy” persona, AffectedMind has been able to recreate this classic fan favourite.

Aside from some grammar errors, AffectedMind does struggle with some proportions and stiffness of the characters,

But easily makes up for it with unique visualization techniques, such as the peephole in the door-

as well as using her space wisely by creating a flow between images and script.

Affected Mind also uses creative transitions to keep the readers’ appeal, using a splash of colour at the end of each chapter to draw readers in.

Overall, Bite Me isn’t half bad, and I am looking forward to see where AffectedMind takes the story. I can see some plot developing now as the new chapters begin, and by creating a history for the characters, AffectedMind creates a deeper connection between them and the readers.

Would I recommend Bite Me to new readers? If you don’t mind semi-erotic scenes, then yes, I would recommend it. From what I have seen, AffectedMind takes her comic seriously, and it has a lot of potential to be a great read. If you are really unsure though, maybe wait a while longer for some more chapters to be released. It is still relatively early in its production stages, and the plot is only just beginning.


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