A comic about the every day life of a group of close friends.

The first comic strip of RawkSeeds was basically all I needed to continue reading. No words are used to drag the audience in, no intense action scene, just straight up “yup, that’s me” type reality. Like most people, I’m a sucker for slice-of-life comics, and the ones that I can relate to are even better. There is a type of humour there that is almost like an inside joke. Creating a comic that is relatable can be tricky sometimes, but when done properly, it can really pull its audience in.

Ovis Rock manages to capture very common life experiences that most people should have gone through at some point in their life. This allows for a larger fan base, greater understanding of humour, and just an all-around great read.

A lot of the slice-of-life comic strips that you read tend to be very simplistic art –sometimes even just quick outline characters, or stick figures. Although the point of these comics is usually in the script, not the art, it is refreshing to read a comic that has a bit more depth to its details. RawkSeeds is definitely not very detailed, but it does have that refreshing feel to it. The art is simplistic, but not so much that the characters are boring.

The use of bold colours also helps create a nice vibe towards the comic, which is again, a nice change from the usually black-and-white slice-of-life comics.

One thing that I would like to see more of is the backgrounds. Although not very important, it can be nice to see a bit more going on behind the scenes to create a depth to the comic. Again, not the easiest thing to do for slice-of-life comics as they tend to update more regularly than other comic genres (but not an impossible task).

Although each comic strip does tie in with the overall feel of a bigger story, they could potentially be read on their own and enjoyed at a similar level. You could potentially start in the middle of the strips, and still find yourself chuckling along with the scenarios that are represented in each strip.

All in all, I would highly recommend RawkSeeds to anyone who is looking for a good chuckle and a relatable experience.


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