A girl name Moneo whose life is filled with twist and turns of paranormal activity until an unusual event turns everything she knows into an adventure that she never imagine.

I was generally surprised by how much I enjoyed reading Rapturous Arcane. Although there is something about it that I find off-setting –and it bothers me that I can’t figure out what it is –the overall impression I get from this story is very positive.

Rapturous Arcane has relatively good flow from panel to panel, making each page fit nicely with the next. I find it odd how many webcomics I come across that have choppy page transitions. It may be because of a one-page-a-week updates that causes the flow to be lost, but either way, Moyo Bear manages to generally have smooth transitions.

Grammar mistakes can be a hindrance in the flow in conversations as well. The few grammar errors that are present in the script could easily be fixed and does not hinder the overall reading experience too greatly. With careful editing beforehand these can be avoided.

As much as I enjoy the plot and find that it is fairly clear, it irked me that in certain points the plot moved too quickly. For example, Moneo seems to have just been introduced to this new side of the world she lives in, but then all of a sudden she seems to be very aware of everything going on around her. This may have been a false face in front of other characters in the beginning, but she also left the audience confused on what she did and didn’t know, which causes some conflict between the main character and the audience later on in the story.

Another example that is less complex than this is when the two other main characters ask her to move in with them, even though she just met them –although granted, she is homeless.

As for the artwork, Moyo Bear does a good job creating a simple, yet interesting art style. She uses gorgeously bold colours (some depth to the colours could help improve appearance though) that complement each other nicely.

There are some proportion errors throughout the webcomic, most of which occur in the first few chapters.

On sites like Tapastic, I love to see artists improve and grow overtime. Moyo Bear proves that hard work and dedication can pay off in the long run. You can see her improve in her artwork throughout the course of Rapturous Arcane.

Moyo Bear is able to depict emotions, moods, and movements without using words to help. This can be a tricky thing to master, and she is certainly on her way there.

Although my overall opinion of Rapturous Arcane has me pleasantly surprised, there still remains one thing that throws me off from truly loving this comic. It may be that the events that occur in this world aren’t really explained, but I think it may be deeper than that. This odd feeling does not, however, stop me from recommending Rapturous Arcane to new readers. It is a lovely new concept that offers great promise for Moyo Bear’s future.


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