Gag a day comic with no recurring characters. guaranteed superior to off-brand comics*

In general, I enjoy reading gag-a-day comics as much as your average Joe (or plain Jane). Every now and then you come across one that really gets you chuckling.

I’ve never reviewed a gag-a-day comic before, so this review may be a little different than others. There is no worry about flow from one page to another, and no worry about the main character’s personality not coming through.

That being said, the majority of the aspects in comics that I focus on are relatively general and can apply to almost any genre.

So let’s get to the point, shall we?

DiscoBleach is not my kind of humour. I found a few of the jokes insensitive –not to the point that they were insulting, however –but the overall impression from each strip was “meh.”

I need to make one thing abundantly clear, though: I have high standards for comedy. It has actually gotten to the point where I only make it a third of the way through comedy movies nowadays and then switch it off because I find the humour immature and boring.

I know a lot of people who would absolutely love Matteo Ferrazzi’s sense of humour. Even if I may not get the punchline, or have difficulty finding the humour in a certain topic, I can appreciate the cleverness behind some of the strips.

Matteo also manages to show that he and his team understand layouts that work for his comic strips. The paneling is clean and flows nicely from scene to scene.

DiscoBleach starts off with very simplistic art at the beginning, and you can see that there was some debate over which art style would be best. However, I think the most recent comic strips work best to help deliver a final product.

simplistic art

My overall impression of DiscoBleach is that –along with a lot of the webcomics I have read –it improves over time. The last few strips feel much more solid as a concept to me than the previous ones, with obvious punchlines, and an art style that feels comfortable.

Would I recommend DiscoBleach to people? It depends. Gag-a-days are not appreciated by those people who do not get the author’s sense of humour. So, yes, I would recommend it –but only to those whom I know would find Matteo’s comedy funny.

I believe that DiscoBleach has a very positive future, and the last few comic strips act as a teaser to what can be expected.


If you think you would enjoy DiscoBleach, give it a read at Tapastic!

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