This story takes place in the suburbs of Paris where a group is chased by thugs, he enters to the “9.2.3” territory hoping to escape their pursuers…


Section 9 takes off right from the gate. Steven Style does not create an elaborate introduction to the comic. This can be taken as either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the reader. You figure things out as you go, which allows the plot to progress at a much faster rate.

Unfortunately, in this case I think Steven Style should have included an introduction. In fact, things aren’t really explained until Chapter 3 so you get thoroughly confused before you finally understand some major facts important to the story. After that, things become slightly clearer –although including it right into the plot instead of just as a fact sheet would be more beneficial.

 From what I gather, the idea feels pretty unique but plays alongside a very popular plot of post-apocalyptic mixed with super capabilities. The difference comes down to how the characters get these abilities, with Section 9’s characters gaining strength through powerstones (as described in image above).

Steven Style fills Section 9 to the brim with humour. In my opinion, it feels a bit excessive. The characters seem to have difficulty having serious conversations and getting a point across without some form of humour interrupting them. It can get rather repetitive which inevitably softens the punchline. That being said, I did find myself chuckling at a few of them.


Understanding a language is important when trying to tell a story. If you don’t know the language’s grammar well enough, there can be some major hiccups between telling and understanding the story. I think Steven Style struggles here and getting someone to edit who is proficient in writing/speaking English could benefit the story.

There are also a fair amount of conversational gaps in which conversations do not transition smoothly into the next. This can irritate the reader by making them feel like something isn’t finished. This may even create some confusion in understanding that the next conversation is not tied in with the previous.


When it comes to making comics, paneling is important. It helps guide the reader from one scene to the next. Steven Style does a nice job of having neat, even panels. This allows for optimal reading. It would be nice to see some more variety in the types of paneling (i.e. size/shape), but overall Section 9 has a nice clean look.

Steven Style also uses facial expressions that are exaggerated to capture humour. It is nicely done, but would be more successful with different angle shots, and less use of just up-close scenes of the characters’ faces. Having a variety of angles and character poses can help improve overall appearance.

As for the overall design, the characters and backgrounds are a bit flat and boring at times. By adding depth via shading, they could be much more visually appealing. Steven Style has shown this in some panels, but it lacks in others.

To tie in with the overall design, some of the character proportions are off. Humans are incredibly difficult to get proportionately right and this will improve over time with practice.

As for what Steven Style excels at, it is without a doubt, actions scenes. These are tricky to create right, but when done properly they can flow from one panel to the next very smoothly. Section 9 is filled with action scenes that are easy to see and they piece together nicely.


My general impression of Section 9 is that the plot needs to be further explained so that the readers can understand it better, and that by adding a little bit of shading and depth Steven Style can drastically improve the artistic quality.

I would recommend Section 9 to anyone who is looking to read a story written by a budding artist and storyteller. Steven Style has a great future ahead of him and I look forward to seeing how he grows.

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