Erotic comic about Milly Hunter, a squirrel bunny living in LA and her adventures through the porn industry, life and beyond! NSFW!

Please be advised: This review is of a NSFW (specifically erotica) comic. This review will be SFW, but I cannot control how you perceive it. Please keep this in mind while reading and discontinue if you determine it as no longer suitable –no need for inappropriate comments. Thank you.



This is not my favourite genre. I’ve never written a review for an erotic comic before, so please bear with me, and I apologize if it doesn’t come across the way I mean it to.

That being said, erotica lacks in plot. This is probably agreed upon by nearly everyone. Playfur isn’t an exception to this rule. The plot is exactly as you’d expect it to be, very cliché. The main character is just starting her career in the adult film industry, and what entails is what erotic comics are all about. It’s a basic plot, and it is actually really boring.

You can also expect a lot of nudity from this genre, and ArtOfZod does not disappoint. He adds at least one sex scene per chapter, and many topless scenes throughout. The nudity is so persistent it is actually kind of obnoxious. This is especially true with the first chapter. I found it very odd that even though they worked at an adult film organization, even when not filming they walked around nearly naked.

One thing I did find unique about the plot were the side stories that tied into the main plot. The main character actually has a life outside of work, and we learn a bit about who she is as well as her roommate. I found it refreshing to have some casual conversation thrown in. Also, Zod created a possibility for the characters to have a budding romance outside of work. I thought this was a nice touch as it wasn’t just about moving from one partner to the next. The characters have personalities –and actual lives –something you don’t always see in erotica.


Even though the overall story seems a bit dull, the writing is actually really good. I can actually read Playfur quite easily. I didn’t notice any major spelling or grammar mistakes, and the font was a good size with clear lettering to make for a quick and easy read.

The one thing I can really say here is that the script is pretty sparse. There really isn’t much to it, and maybe adding a bit more humour or depth to it could spice up the plot.

I really don’t have much to say in the writing department –I was overall pretty impressed.


So for this review, I focused mainly on the art. Again, I just want to mention these reviews are from a reader’s perspective, so I’m picking out the things I like and what I think can be improved upon from that angle.

To start, I think that Zod did a great job with the paneling. They are nice and clean, sharp lines and they make smooth transitions from one panel to another. Easy on the eyes.

The edges around the characters could be cleaner, though. Smoother outlining would be beneficial to improve appearances.

For the most part, the art lacks shading. In my opinion, shading can drastically improve how a scene looks and how it comes across to the readers. Shading can also help capture facial expressions with more accuracy, creating mystery, fear, and anger remarkably well.

Now zooming out away from the face and taking the body in as a whole, everything looks proportionate. Arms and legs look very well put together, not too lanky or stubby (these are just a bunch of beautiful furries). There are some issues, however, that have to do with certain anatomy (if you catch my drift). Females look like they will need back braces just to stand, and the males look like sitting could be a real challenge. I can’t imagine either of them ever running.

This can also be added to the fact that some of the angles are very awkward, which can make some readers *cough* me *cough* a bit uncomfortable. Honestly, I’m not sure why these angles are seen as desirable. They don’t really flatter anyone (but I guess this genre isn’t about flattery).

Now, moving away from characters and looking into the distance, the backgrounds are lacking to say the least. They are either just one solid colour, or very simple block buildings. I understand the focus is on the characters and the moment, but it would be nice to see some personality in the background. Maybe add some posters, some advertisements on buildings, anything really to show off artistic ability (I know you can draw Zod, flaunt it!).

Zod is very good at capturing motion and action scenes. These help improve flow from one panel to the next –probably important for erotica.

Overall, the art isn’t bad. Very simple, but there is a lot of detail where it counts … I suppose. One last thing that I found odd was the fluctuation between art styles. I’m not sure why this occurred, but I personally like the art that was used for most of Chapter 2. Zod used shading there, and like I mentioned before, shading makes a difference.

art part 2


The content is very graphic. In a right mind, I can’t really recommend this comic to anyone based on content alone. That being said, I can appreciate some of the art and Zod proves that he has a lot of promise.

Everyone has their favourite genre. Some people can appreciate erotica more than others can. Unfortunately it is not for me, but for those of you who are looking for a good comic in this genre, Playfur may be a good choice.


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