Bunnies, adventure, villains & cute creatures. Welcome to UNNATURAL


UNNATURAL by MytronStudios is a cute little story about a bird and a bunch of other creatures that are all trying to get to the Kingdom for some large event that is about to occur there.

Personally, I feel the plot is underdeveloped. That being said, it is targeted towards young kids and having a complicated plot will only end in confusion for a majority of those within the targeted age range. So really the issue comes down to how the story is portrayed. It is a little scattered and sloppy in its presentation, jumping from one character to the next. There were a few smooth transitions in the beginning characters, but those seemed to disappear later on in the story.

Even though the transitions from one character to the next can be a little rough here and there, overall, their purposes are all very clear. They are all going to the same place, which compliments whatever the plot is developing into. Unfortunately, I would say there is not quite enough information available yet to really get a grasp of what the purpose is, unless it is just a tale about the travels of a bunch of creatures trying to get to the Kingdom and the end result is their arrival. I’m really hoping it is more than that (the final pages attest to more).


The writing has a large impact on how the plot develops and comes into play. In UNNATURAL, the writing is okay. I would label it as mediocre –it does the job it set out to do.

The thing about making kid-friendly comics is that the writing has to become simplified. So, yes, the writing is good for the age it is targeting –no grammar or spelling errors –but it isn’t very creative either. A good example of creative writing styles for kids is Dr. Seuss or Robert Munsch books.


As for the art, it is super cute. The creatures resemble animals that we should be able to recognize, but with enough creativity to make them unique.

One thing that could be improved upon in the design is by making the stance of the characters less stiff. Right now they feel awkward and a bit detached from the world –by this I mean that their feet don’t quite touch the ground.

The design is actually very simplistic. Sometimes this is a problem, but because of the role of this comic and its target audience, I think this is a smart move.

The bold colours that are used also complement the simplistic design really well, making the characters pop nicely from the backgrounds.

One thing that could be changed is a little more details to the backgrounds. They are a bit too simplistic, resulting in a rather boring perspective when a large scene is shown.

My favourite feature, however, has to be the amazing textures used. I’d love to see this in book format with texturized papers so that it could become an interactive read.

Finally, Unnatural has the ability to make you laugh. Again, it is a simplistic humour, but it is perfect for the target audience. The humour is what I would call, “adorable.”


My overall impression of UNNATURAL by MytronStudios is a positive one. Even though I said the plot feels underdeveloped, I am still looking forward to where it is taken. That final scene really opens up new doors for the plot and I am hoping for some great climactic scenes in the future.

UNNATURAL is definitely geared to a younger audience, so please keep this in mind while reading. It is still a fun little read that you should check out with some unique design choices (such as the use of textures).

If you have any young ones in your family or that you know, maybe recommend this comic to them, they will probably enjoy it!


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