The story starts like many others: with a boy and a girl. And continues with a priest-wanna-be and almost exorcist guy, a possessed girl, a pair of information dealers (from the occult kind), a medium, some ugly looking souls, angels from any kinds and a some demonic and supernatural happenings.


Skatuya does a good job of creating an original story out of a cliché tale. Priests fighting demons is nothing new. In fact, it is a Hollywood horror favourite. Even the romance between a priest and a girl is not new. That being said, there are some unique features to Vicious Circle.

The first unique feature is actually the concept of how people are possessed. It has not yet been totally described, but there are some cool features that skatuya has shown in her artwork alone. These have added a refreshing vibe to an otherwise straightforward idea.

Unfortunately, little is known about the story in general because not much has been released yet. This is disappointing (for me especially because it makes it harder to write a review). However, so far it looks promising.

Vicious Circle shows that promise straight from the beginning with the prologue. Prologues are used for one of two things. Either it is a way to flood the readers with some background information, or it is used as a way to draw people into the story with a big action scene or something dramatic that gets the readers wanting to know more. Skatuya decides to start it off with an action scene. As far as action scenes go, it’s alright. What really catches my eye is the way that it is drawn. The black and white style (which is not followed through in the main story) does a wonderful job setting the stage and actually makes the prologue more interesting.

To top it all off, skatuya throws in some nice character intrigue straight off the bat. Immediately, she gets the readers asking questions about who the characters are and what their history is. This intrigue is key to hook readers in for the long haul.


As for the writing, it is okay. There are a few grammar errors which make me wonder if there is a language barrier for skatuya. In either case, I would recommend contacting someone who can edit the script.

Other than some English language errors, conversations flow smoothly from one panel to the next and do not overwhelm the reader with a lot of information on one page. The information told is all relevant to the moment (no filler conversations) and keeps the plot moving while still leaving questions unanswered for further intrigue.


The art is what really caught my eye with Vicious Circle. Skatuya has a beautiful style with a soft design noted by thick strokes of colour and shading.

As mentioned earlier, skatuya’s artwork adds to the story in a way that really increases the reader’s interest in the plot. Not only is this accomplished by the beautiful style, but in the way she incorporates onomatopoeias and expressions.

As much as I love the art in Vicious Circle, there are some areas of improvement. For example, there are a few perspective and proportion errors that need to be addressed. Many of these errors are evident in the stances of the characters, especially in the head and arms.

That being said, skatuya does an excellent job distracting you from these by capturing movement and action scenes with ease.

Skatuya goes on to create gorgeous panels with a fearless take on the use of space, adding a nice breakup from one scene to the next.

Overall, the art is what I am most impressed with in Vicious Circle. However, it must be noted that because this comic is still relatively short, there may be more strengths and weaknesses in the future.


If you like cliché stories with a twist –check out Vicious Circle.

If you are attracted to comics with lovely artwork, also check out Vicious Circle.

Or if you simply want a story that has potential to be something great and are looking for something new, Vicious Circle may be a good option.

Like every comic, there are some areas that need to be worked on, but skatuya is definitely on her way to creating a fantastic read.


You can read Vicious Circle by skatuya on Tapastic.

If you want to know more about skatuya and her work, check her out on facebook, twitter, and tumblr.