After we engineered the new world maybe then we’ll seek entrancement for ourselves..

Before I start this review, I want to clarify something. FromFinn is, in a way, remastering the comic. I will be looking mostly at the original version, however, I have taken some examples from the “Encore” version. Needless to say, this review can apply to both. Enjoy.


Alone Time Compass is a very unique story, particularly because it is interpretable. Each page is related, but could also stand alone as an individual piece of work.

One thing that may irk some readers is that the story is very vague. This is purposeful, but it may not be enjoyable for everyone. That being said, this is a story that deserves more attention than what it currently has.

I’m not going to say too much in this section since it can be interpreted a million different ways and I don’t want my interpretation to influence how you view it. What I can say though is that it encompasses a field of emotions and a desire for more work by FromFinn.


If I could describe the writing in Alone Time Compass with one word, in its simplest form I would call it “poetic.”

I’m not just going to use one word here to explain the writing, though. FromFinn clearly thinks about what he writes and what words are used to perfectly describe what is going on. The words are used in such a way that they could be understood differently depending on the person and that individual’s experiences.  Each page makes you slow down, stop, and think.

To help create a more poetic vibe and to enhance the overall reading experience, FromFinn uses multiple types of font and spacing to capture emotions in each page. I constantly found myself becoming mesmerized by the way the page was laid out.

One thing that should be addressed are a few sentence structure errors (ex. missing words) and several spelling errors. There are points where the writing is a bit more difficult to read due to blurring and small letters. I haven’t tested this out on a phone or tablet platform, but I’m assuming it could be difficult to see there as well.


Using several art platforms, FromFinn captures the beauty of the creation of a world, and the feelings enveloped by it. Each page can be held on its own as a single masterpiece, or put altogether to tell a story.

The paneling that is used in Alone Time Compass breaks up the page nicely. FromFinn spaces out his page elegantly and takes advantage of blank spaces and the effects of different word placements.

The colouring that is used is absolutely gorgeous. FromFinn manages to capture light in a way that can make anyone envious. He also has a knack for combining different types of art platforms into a single page, using photography, water colours, and digital arts (something I’ve only seen by a few other creators). This is especially true in the “Encore” version.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Alone Time Compass. I would recommend that everyone give it a read at some point. It is a relatively short read, but one that you could read over again and get different perspectives each time.

I personally prefer the original version because of its simplicity in art next to the “Encore” version. However, both give a different interpretation to the same story. So I recommend still reading both.

You can read Alone Time Compass by FromFinn here.