A Machucan named Introproretro Triocto Sketaldaz has lived his life as a slave up until his master unleashes an apocalyptic weapon wiping out the entire planet. Seconds before his race goes extinct, Sketaldaz runs into a mythical chronicler who calls herself Kadi, who manages to rescue Sketaldaz just as his planet is destroyed. Now a planet-less orphan, Sketaldaz takes on his new life as a “follower” of his rescuer. 


I’ve been following Hacheeachkee by MylCreates almost from the beginning. I first stumbled upon this comic on Inkblazers and I was very pleased to see she had moved her comic to Tapastic as well. Giving a review for a comic that I’ve already read and cared about does create the possibility for bias, but it also gives me an opportunity to re-read the comic with a more critical eye.

So let’s break it down and try to be as unbiased as possible, shall we?

The plot is clearly well-thought out and MylCreates has personified her passion for this story clearly from page one. The introduction of the main characters are done smoothly and elaborately, making sure that we have a good sense of who they are almost immediately, so that the plot can move forward efficiently. Myl also introduces the world in the same way, which lays a foundation for what is to come.

Get ready for a history lesson!

Another way that Hacheeachkee is developed is through colour. The majority of the chapters now are currently in shades of black and white. However, as the story progresses and the plot takes a completely different direction, so does the colour scheme. This was a unique way to introduce colours to a comic and Myl did an excellent job.

It’s happening…!!!

But you may be asking, “Wintre, why are you including the colour scheme into the story category of this review?” Well, let me explain. My perspective of the changing colour scheme is that it plays an important role in how the plot is progressing. The world that Sketaldaz (main character) has known his entire life up until that point has been filled with sorrow and defeat. With a sudden and dramatic climax in the story, his world is opened to new opportunities, new friends, and most importantly, a new life. For me, the colour influences this change more as part of the plot than just an artistic choice. Whether Myl was going for this effect or not, well, you would have to ask her yourself. Chances are I’m being your classic English literature professor -reading way too much into it.

Moving on, the use of mixed media has also influenced how the story is told, using one medium for flashbacks and memories, and another for present time.


So, the current storyline is well-thought out, and the characters are very well developed. The plot is relatively unpredictable at some moments (not all) and the shock factor is definitely there.


The characters, world, and plot are all well and good, but how is the writing? Writing plays a crucial role in how these characters and worlds come across.

I feel like I should stop writing this part and it should just be implied by now, but definitely watch for spelling and grammar errors. There are very few comics that I come across on Tapastic and elsewhere that don’t have such errors. Again, I’ll suggest getting multiple people to proofread your pages before releasing them.


When it comes down to it, the grammar and spelling mistakes really only deter a professional vibe. They won’t push you away from a comic unless they significantly impair the story. In the case of Hacheeachkee, they are few and far between.

The real issue stands with the flow of conversations, as well as when and where large areas of information are scripted into the plot. Hacheeachkee is broken down in a way that not all of the worlds history, and information about the characters, is thrown at you in one go. It is woven throughout the chapters and flows smoothly in and out of the overall plot. Basically, my point is that Myl is doing well in the writing department.

This next point kind of ties in with art as well, but MylCreates manages to capture grief in a way that really pulls at the heartstrings. By limiting the wording to only what is necessary, plus blocking out the panels to capture closeups, the reader can experience the full grief of a character’s death. *This next image is kind of a spoiler, so cover your eyes if you care!*

All of the feels


Finally, art. MylCreates has significantly improved in art since chapter one. Time and time again I say I am a sucker for seeing a creator improve throughout the chapters. I’ll probably continue to say this as long as a creator continues to do so. Now, looking at the competitive world of printing and selling comics, this may not be considered a good thing and those old chapters should be redrawn. But in the context of Tapastic (or any other free online webcomic site) and the vibe that it gives, I think seeing a creator’s improvements is a really awesome experience.

Early chapter 1
Middle of chapter 1
End of the chapter

With these longer comics, there are lots of areas of improvement that can be seen throughout the chapters, which kind of makes it difficult for me to make suggestions since the improvement is obviously occurring already. One area where this is true is in angles and proportions of the characters. MylCreates never really struggled with this, but there were some areas where she could have improved in the beginning chapters. Now though, she has done an excellent job of not only drawing different angles, but including unique angles into the story to give different perspectives and even portraying different moods and emotions with these angles.

The angle of her upper body doesn’t quite match the lower body
angles dramatically improve
Extend that arm! Work it!

Another way Myl is bomb at portraying mood is with shading. She is a shading wizard (or witch), using it and manipulating it exactly the way I like it to be seen. So many people slack on shading when I believe it to be one of the most powerful tools. Hacheeachkee is filled with extreme shading (sometimes too much) emphasizing expressions, moods, events, and time.

Pose for Vogue 

Hacheeachkee also has an odd amount of detail where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it. There can be scenes that seem relatively bare of detail, and others that are heavy with intricate designs –but never to the point where it overwhelms you. In fact, MylCreates seems to know exactly when and where detail is beneficial to the scene. Again, this is impacting the way the reader experiences the page.

Oh sh-! Oh.. ew… ughhh… that’s fabulous.

I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned this already, but the first thing you notice when you see Hacheeachkee is the unique character designs. Yes, they are humanoids, but I think they are unique enough to see the differences from your typical character designs which helps make Hacheeachkee stand out.

Creepy, yet somehow adorable

Moving the attention above and beyond the characters, the backgrounds portray just sneak peeks into the fantastical world Hacheeachkee offers. I wish there were more full background pages or large panels to really get a sense of what their world looks like. Currently, I don’t really have a good breakdown of what their building structure or any other part of their environment looks like as a whole. What you can see though, is very nice.

I want to live there, fancy-schmancy
Can you just, move out of the way so I can see your city? Please?


I’m pretty sure you know what my stance is on this comic. I’ve been following it for a long time now, and my overall opinion is pretty positive. MylCreates offers a story that is very detailed and has a clear plot. She compliments the storytelling with improving artwork and the gradual inclusion of colours. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

I would highly recommend Hacheeachkee to the majority of people. There is quite the shock factor at times (no spoilers), but just a heads up, it may be considered disturbing to a few of you… Or all of you at some points.

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