When a family tragedy strikes unexpectedly, Princess Maisie of Nodenbelle must take command of her nation’s army with the help of her sub-commander, Fatima.


Commander Princess Maisie by Abbie Bacilla is an adorably hilarious story filled with tragedy and violence. Yes, it is a weird combination. And yes, it does work. Very, very well.

Abbie Bacilla manages to take the violent death of characters and make them seem very lighthearted and humorous. This takes a great amount of skill and understanding in how to manipulate scenes and depict emotions without coming across insensitive and offensive. This knowledge also indicated the ability to change the mood of the comic easily when a more serious tone is needed.

Aside from the humour, Commander Princess Maisie has some great plot delivery and uses multiple ways to transition from one scene into the next. The character introductions are also nicely done, with some great character development along the way.

Lastly, Abbie Bacilla easily introduces some history to the world by literally including a history lesson. Nice and simple way to get this in without boring the audience to death.


Obviously the writing is quite witty and charming. The grammar mistakes are very few and far between (if at all), and I’m overall very pleased with the writing quality.

Abbie Bacilla also does an excellent job pairing the depiction of emotions in the artwork with the script. Having the art and the script connect like this is very important to the delivery of the comic to the reader. It creates a stronger bond with the characters as you can feel (and see) the emotions in their voices.

What she is saying and portraying match up nicely.

Commander Princess Maisie also offers some hints in the script that could be overlooked. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is unpredictable, since the hints can be rather obvious at times, but the humour can definitely mask some of them.


“I whip my hair back and forth!”
I see what you did there… to be honest this one is pretty obvious. 


I adore the artwork in Commander Princess Maisie. Although it starts off with some  rough and simplistic lines, Abbie Bacilla quickly improves as the story develops.

Massive improvements from page one.

Her character designs are also fabulous and unconventional. I’m a huge fan of the characters’ constant wardrobe changes.


Girl, look at you! Fab. 
What a magnificent beast.

To tie in with the emotion and script pairing tactics, Abbie Bacilla also likes to exaggerate the facial expressions of the characters, making it very clear what the characters are feeling in that moment (which also adds to the comedic effect).

"Be as dramatic as possible, really accentuate the emotions you are feeling. Yes, yes, like that!"
“Be as dramatic as possible, really accentuate the emotions you are feeling. Yes, yes, like that!”

One area that could really use some improvement are the backgrounds. Although they do appear very pretty at times, the majority of them are very simplistic. It would be nice to see some more detailing in them. This is a palace afterall,  there are great opportunities for some elaborate designs here.


Some eccentric backgrounds could have complimented this scene.
The background is as forgotten as the poor dog. 

Although the backgrounds seem a bit sparse for my liking, the story still remains just as great. With the rate that Abbie Bacilla is growing, my guess is that she will continue to show some artistic improvements down the road.


Overall, I think that Commander Princess Maisie is a great story that will be enjoyed by everyone. There is a great amount of humour in this story, but Abbie Bacilla proves that she knows how to capture the serious tones in the plot just as well. The artwork has also shown some great improvements as the chapters progressed, and I predict that Commander Princess Maisie will continue on a very positive path in the future!

You can read Commander Princess Maisie by Abbie Bacilla here.