“Tula is a student just trying to get through her senior year of college. Little does she know that her new rental is inhabited by demons. Watch as she juggles her social life with her friends and new roommates.”



Demon House by Joanne Kwan doesn’t waste time to jump straight into the plot. It’s a lovely story about a girl who knows who she is and doesn’t let anyone tell her otherwise. This comic is filled with uplifting scenes and will put a smile on your face straight from page one.

One aspect of Demon House that truly makes it unique is the main character, Tula. She has an amazingly positive attitude towards the world that no one else has. Not only is this what makes the comic so uplifting, but it also is the reason why it is so hilarious. Her knack for making the world a more positive place –even when other people would run screaming in the other direction –is what really makes this comic stand out as a great read.



The writing is what truly makes this comic so fabulous. The conversations between characters are quick and witty, and they are probably the smoothest and most natural conversations I have seen in a long time. I can’t stress enough how important the writing is, and how much of a difference it can make if it flows fluidly from one panel or scene to the next.

conversation level is on master

Kwan does an excellent job at making sure the writing is clear of any errors in terms of grammar and spelling. Obviously, there is always going to be that one mistake that seems to get by everyone on your team. Just remember to keep proofreading and getting people to read it over for you, specifically looking for those little errors that may slip by unnoticed.

spelling error
I can’t believe it either…

Aside from that, I only have positive things to say about the writing in Demon House. It is an easy read, and although it may have a lot of speech bubbles on some pages, they aren’t overwhelming, and I would amount this down to the fact that Joanne Kwan’s writing feels so natural.


Most of what I have to say about Demon House is all praise. The art is no exception to this. I love the simplistic art style –I think it adds to the warm feeling that this comic already portrays –and although the designs are simplistic, Kwan demonstrates that she is still very capable of creating some fabulously unique characters.

Cute… yet still terrifying.

Looking at the comic layout itself, Kwan does an excellent job creating smooth and even paneling that make for easy reading. The comic also has plenty of different angle shots that compliment each scene and keep it interesting.

Mixing up the perspectives is a great way to add more character to a scene -especially when they are mainly conversational.

Kwan also does a great job with shading the characters and environment. The shading and highlighting is a blocked design, which compliments the overall simplistic art style.



I can’t express enough how lovely this comic is. Demon House by Joanne Kwan will make you smile all the way through from beginning to end.

I’d recommend this comic to anyone who needs a little bit more love and laughter in their life, or to those who enjoy either of those things (which hopefully is everyone).

If you want to check out this comic, you can find it on Tapastic or on Tumblr.