“A child wakes up in another world, with massive changes to his appearance. 
Untrustworthy comrades and morally questionable scenarios surround our young protagonist. A psychological, dystopian sci-fi adventure.”

This comic reads right to left.



Hero.syn by Goenn doesn’t have a lot of story to go off of just yet, but what is available is very well done. The introduction to the comic is spectacular, but an unoriginal concept. I have read and reviewed countless webcomics that start with a character or object falling downwards through the panels as some important introduction spiel is given.

good but unoriginal intro
Coin flipping, person falling, long shots of a landscape -very typical starting point. 

I’m not even bothered by the fact that the introduction has been done so many times before. It still is a great way to begin a story and it gets right into introducing the main characters from there. So far the plot doesn’t have much to say, but it does have some potentially interesting development, and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more.

Another plus is that so far the plot is moving very smoothly with no fluff conversations. Each interaction seems to be important in keeping the story moving.


Speaking of the writing, Goenn has done an excellent job so far making sure that there are no spelling and grammar errors. The one piece of advice I can give, though, is that when a word can be spelled multiple different ways, (in this example, we’ll use the word “okay”) try to remain as consistent as possible.

consistency in format
I understand the reason for the differentiation in “okay,” but it isn’t necessary (yes, I know I’m being really nitpicky. Shhh).

Hero.syn also has a fair amount of conversation in order to help introduce the main character to the world. However, it is well paced from scene to scene with plenty of things explained through world interactions rather than just spoken explanations.


The art is what I am most impressed with in this comic. Goenn was clearly testing the waters in the first few pages, subtly adjusting styles as she went. However, the end result (as of pg. 35) is quite spectacular.

part 1
This style is still quite well done. 
part 2
I personally prefer this new style. 

The overall character designs are also fairly unique which allow for more creative variations in ethnicity, race, and species. A science fiction comic that doesn’t take advantage of unique characters would be a shame, anyway. I’m looking forward to seeing if Hero.syn will show any of the creatures that live on this planet besides the humanoids.

awesome character designs

In accordance with character designs, it is important that you watch for proportional errors. These weren’t especially common in this comic, but there were slight oddities in form now and again that might have been overlooked if I wasn’t keeping an eye out for it.

a few proprtion erros
The guy on the left just looks slightly comical. 

Some of these errors may have had to do with the fact that Goenn played around with a lot of different angles. I think that in general, it definitely added to the comic’s impact on the reader. The angling is stupendous in Hero.syn, and Goenn shows great talent in expressing scenes this way.

playing around with anglesplaying around with angles 2

In fact, another area of talent that fits perfectly with the use of angles to express scenes, are the paneling choices. Simple panel designs can allow for easy reading, but panels that depict emotional scenes and help highlight certain characters and plot movement, are even more effective at getting a message across. Goenn demonstrates her knowledge in the importance of panel placement by spotlighting important scenes in a page and overlapping panels to create depth to a page.

beautiful paneling


I’m a bit biased when it comes to Hero.syn by Goenn since I’ve been an avid reader for some time now. This comic is one that deserves more attention than it currently is given. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new sci-fi read that has some great potential for a very unique storyline.

If you want to check out Hero.syn by Goenn, you can read it on Tapastic.