“The story of a sharp shooter with a target she would rather miss.”



The Green-Eyed Sniper by Infected Blood is a webcomic that offers female protagonists with strong, powerful roles. This is a refreshing read in that sense, and I was impressed by the story progression as well.


The webcomic jumps straight into the middle of the plot and wastes no time getting the point across. The Green-Eyed Sniper is labeled as a short story, so it leaves very little room for anything else. It works well in this case.


As for the actual content of the plot, it is fairly heavy in romance, nearly to the extent that it is the main focus of the story. I don’t have a problem with romantic stories per se, but I was kind of hoping it would put more emphasis on the progression of the serious and action-packed plotline. Chapter three shows more promise for this and I’m assuming it will even out between romance and action once all of the characters’ backgrounds have been explained.


The writing in The Green-Eyed Sniper is absolutely gorgeous. The placement for each phrase, along with wording choices, create a balanced flow from one panel to the next. The conversations also feel very natural and smooth. It is a very lovely read.

beautiful writing

I did find a few grammar errors, but they were few and far between. I was really impressed overall with the writing quality in this webcomic.

Make sure you proofread at least 3x and then get someone else to read it over as well to catch those mistakes you might have missed. 

One thing that might bother some readers is that there is a lot of conversation between the characters. I couldn’t find a single page without some type of conversation occurring. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially since the writing is so well done anyway, but there is an art to being able to tell a scene without words. I’d like to see more of that in this webcomic.


lots of talking
I don’t mind the amount of talking per se, but there are chunks in this conversation that could be removed. 
show dont tell scene
This page is actually pretty close to the “show don’t tell” that I would expect. 


Infected Blood has a fairly unique art style. The black and white design works well with the content of this webcomic and is manipulated to express emotions from a scene.

black and white

Shadows can be tricky when working with just black and white, however. Make sure that you don’t leave too big a gap between character and shadow, as it will stop looking like an outline, and more like your characters can levitate.

That’s one powerful kiss.

Some of the character designs can also feel a bit stiff and the proportions can appear a bit awkward. Relax the design a bit and add some more shading to portray a more natural stance.

Looks like she’ll just fall over like a statue. 

Since the writing is to the standards that I would expect for a professional webcomic, I’d say focus mainly on getting the art up to par. It’s certainly on its way to being awesome, but there are just a few areas that need to be adjusted first to fit the same level of expertise as the writing.


Overall, I expect great things from Infected Blood. The writing is stupendous and has really pushed the plot forward into becoming something that I would like to continue reading in the future. I have seen growth in the art from page one to where it is now, and I can only assume that Infected Blood will continue to improve as the story progresses.

If you would like to read The Green-Eyed Sniper by Infected Blood, you can check it out on their main website or on Tapastic.