“Lisa, a college student, finds herself forced to live with her worst nightmare: a cat. And that’s just the beginning of her problems…”



Prozaic by SandraMJ is a slice-of-life comic revolving around the life of a girl, her hatred of a certain cat, and depression. It’s a unique comic that jumps right into those real-life-feels that many of us can relate to.

I found some of the plot to be a bit confusing to follow along with since it moves at a bit of a choppy pace, hopping around the story and introducing characters at random. However, the overall concept is clear enough and it’s rather enjoyable to see a protagonist that is far from perfect, and not necessarily the most lovable character (and yet, oh-so-relatable).



The writing is alright.  There were one or two instances where I saw some spelling mistakes, and few more instances with grammar errors. Just make sure you take the time to really read over your work, and it never hurts to have someone else read it over as well, so they may be able to catch something you missed. A good trick to editing written work is by coming back to it after a few days (or longer). Your brain has a habit of filling in missing words when you proofread, making it hard to catch mistakes. By tackling editing a few days later, you (hopefully) don’t remember what you wrote word-for-word anymore, so you are more susceptible to catching those little errors.

Although I found some scenes not the easiest to decipher, all the information is there. There’s little unnecessary fluff and conversations are smooth. One area I’d be a bit careful with in the future is putting so many words on one panel. The main character likes to babble a bit, so it may be beneficial to break it up between panels, or find a way to write in fewer words. The less clutter on a page, the better.

It can be daunting to see so many words on one panel -especially when it occurs often.

SandraMJ threw in some hidden gems in this comic, too. There are some well disguised fourth wall breaks that occur in several pages. It adds a bit of character to the comic that makes it stand out against some other stories.


The art starts off a bit rough. I find the panels are clear to follow from one to the next, but I have to pause every now and then to figure out what is actually happening in each one. It might be beneficial to zoom out a bit on a scene so that there is more background information. Being unable to figure out exactly what is happening in a panel almost immediately slows down the reading speed, and inevitably alters the flow of the comic altogether.

The paneling is smooth and sequencing is well done, but the first three panels make it difficult to tell exactly where the character is. After staring at it for a bit, my best guess is outside an elevator, inside an elevator, and then outside apartment door.

I enjoy the colour that SandraMJ slowly incorporates into Prozaic. It’s a nice touch to the atmosphere of the comic. There are some inconsistencies with colour choices, as well as a mix of mediums. This comic feels a bit like an experiment, something that SandraMJ may be trying to figure out about her art style. Either way, it works just fine for this slice-of-life comic, as it feels as if the readers are growing along with her and her work. However, any future comics that have a more professional feel should definitely be very consistent in style and colouring.


In general, SandraMJ’s art style has definitely improved since the beginning of Prozaic. It is encouraging to see a creator learn from mistakes and countless hours of practice. Since Prozaic is in a very simplistic art style, it’s a bit more difficult to notice some of the growth that an artist has made, but when you look at the first page to the last, there is definitely significant changes in style.

First comic strip
Later comic strip in Entry 2


Overall, my impression is that Prozaic by SandraMJ is a learn-as-you-go comic. My personal opinion of this style is very welcoming. I encourage artists to test what they know, and experiment with what they do not. Every comic creator goes through this at some point, but just a few special artists decide to share that process with their readers. I look forward to seeing SandraMJ continue to grow as an artist, and to see where she decides to take Prozaic from here.

You can check out Prozaic by SandraMJ on Tapastic.