“12- year old globetrotter Roghan is new in town and wants to make friends. But instead, he accidentally causes one of the kids to get possessed by a deadly demon. Are they able to break the curse before their parents can find out?”



Memorandum by JuliKaru immediately sets the stage for what kind of plot we are going to see. This story doesn’t waste time getting to the main idea, and quickly immerses you into a fantastic world of mystery and suspense.

emotional backgrounds

I wish I had more content to review in Memorandum. However, this comic stole my heart straight from page one. Sometimes the amount doesn’t determine the greatness. When a comic can wisp you away so quickly, it is wise to hold on tight.

One thing that helps this comic succeed is the characters. JuliKaru does a fantastic job of introducing each character, immediately showing the readers what kind of personality they have, and how we should feel about them. The characters have their quirks and yet still remain lovable and engaging.


Memorandum’s story is also successful because of the writing. There are very few spelling and grammar errors so far, and conversations flow smoothly from one character to another.

There isn’t much of a story yet as the comic is still fairly young, and therefore I haven’t much to say on the writing overall. That being said, what is there is to my liking and I’m expecting to see that JuliKaru will continue to be writing at this level of professionalism.


One thing that ties in with the writing in Memorandum is the expressions. JuliKaru expertly ties the character expressions in with the script, allowing for the largest impact felt by the readers. Knowing exactly what emotion to capture in a panel can be difficult, especially when there is a lot of conversation in one scene alone. The best way to know exactly what emotion to capture is to look at the script in that panel and ask yourself, “What is the overlying emotion in this scene?” or, if there are multiple emotions overlapping each other, then it may be wise to look for one that is more dominant. Typically, what happens is that the panel is read first, and then the image is taken in. Readers will finish the final sentence and then look at the expressions on the character’s faces. These expressions should match overall tone, or the final emotion portrayed in the conversation. JuliKaru easily portrays the most effective emotion for each panel.


Talking about panels, Memorandum isn’t afraid of jumping out at you and breaking panel barriers. This comic ebbs and flows like a river from the top of a page to the bottom, crashing through the end of some panels like a bursting dam.


JuliKaru also does not slack when it comes to backgrounds. So many creators put heavy details into the characters but then forget the importance of a well-drawn background. Although simplified art, the backgrounds still help pull the comic together and set the stage for that page.



I really don’t have much to say in terms of negative criticism with this comic. Memorandum by JuliKaru is visually appealing with solid character concepts and a promising plot. I look forward to seeing if JuliKaru can manage to keep up the excellent content. I certainly will be waiting for the next page!

You can check out Memorandum by JuliKaru on Tapastic!