“Being a king is hard, let’s just act cool and tell some jokes because I mean whatever right?”


Sorry, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to review a slice-of-life. There may be some inconsistencies with these until I grasp this a bit better. I’m open to suggestions if you have any!


Since there is no direct story in slice-of-life, I thought I would review the originality of the content this time. Many slice-of-life comics basically cover the same content, but in a unique way. This is because these comics are more successful when they are relatable. In A King or Whatever by Jose, the same can be said for creating content that the reader can understand exactly where it’s coming from.


The reason Jose has been so successful with this comic is because the content he addresses is highly relatable to the audience being targeted. However, A King or Whatever was able to take a unique turn away from the relatable content later on down the road with the growth of Jose’s audience, as well as relationships with fellow artists. He created comics based on his experiences with other creators, and since these creators had similar content, they also shared the same audience. This proved a wise move for Jose (whether he realized it at the time or not), and his audience was thrilled with seeing familiar faces appear in his comics.

This unique twist to the slice-of-life comic allowed for a niche to be created. Jose throws comics at his fans who have been following him for a while that contain their favourite creators, but he also addresses new readers at the same time by addressing relatable issues.

For me, I tend to roll my eyes at relatable content now. There are only a few creators that I follow that I find do a fantastic job at recreating relatable moments, and Jose is one of them. The reason why I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy A King or Whatever, is because Jose manages to create such original perspectives on the most unoriginal concepts. This talent makes the content feel refreshing and new.


Whew, that’s a mouthful of a beginning. Let me know if focusing on originality is something you want to see more of for slice-of-life comics.


Although A King or Whatever does have jokes, I found it more of a daily life comic that doesn’t necessarily need to end with a solid punchline. Those strips that do end with a joke, however, certainly tickle that funny bone -or at least put a smile on your face.


Even though there is a bit of a language barrier, the jokes land well and the point is delivered successfully, regardless of the minor spelling or grammar errors. Just make sure you go back and triple check your writing, or have someone edit your work (again, I’m always up for a quick edit if you don’t have anyone else you can go to).

Although I note above that the use of familiar creators has benefited Jose’s comic, it can also isolate some readers if those are the comics that they first come across. The same can be true with all of the guest comics. It can be confusing and misleading on what the actual content of A King or Whatever is -and to be honest that isn’t necessarily clear anyhow. The problem with slice-of-life comics is you never know what you are going to get. This is actually more of a Tapastic issue in general. They need to separate this category into more specific subgroups.

Con of other creators


As for the art in A King or Whatever, Jose does something that I truly love with free online webcomics. He improves. The growth and change in character design overtime is something that Jose apparently felt he needed to apologize for, but I beg him to do otherwise. More often than not, changes in comic styles are a good thing. Like I’ve said before, the only time consistency in style matters is if you are publishing a book or you are creating long-form content (i.e. not just daily strips).

character growth

The strips found in A King or Whatever are simple in nature, containing as little background as possible, if any at all. Of course this works just find for its purpose, but as always, a bit of background never hurt anyone. They can even be useful in portraying mood through colour.

part 2

In fact, Jose has done an excellent job utilizing colour in this comic. Just a touch of colour here and there has made a very large impact on the messages being portrayed, and has certainly enhanced the emotional value of the strip.



A King or Whatever by Jose has come a long way since the first strip. The style has changed, as well as the jokes. It will be interesting to see how this comic grows in the future, and I plan to encourage it to continue changing and becoming its own thing over time.

You can read A King or Whatever by Jose on Tapastic!