“Meet MIK. A comic creator who, one day, wakes up in his own comic…”



To Be a Comic by MIK comes across as very professional with a unique concept that allows for limitless plot opportunities. MIK takes advantage of this fact and breaks the rules of plot development and creates something new and refreshing. To Be a Comic creates an inception of plots that may conclude and open up new ways for this never-ending tale to continue.


Since this comic is a comic in itself, MIK has set up a unique situation for himself and the growth of the story. Not only can MIK explore his everyday life, but also wherever his imagination takes him. It functions a bit like a crossover between a long-form comic and a slice-of-life.

fall into thew orld


Honestly, the writing is pretty great. There were a few spelling errors, but so minimal that it does not take away from the reading experience at all. Conversations flow smoothly, content is all relevant, no fluff, and everything is worded in the most parsimonious way allowing for the easiest reading experience.

The written fourth wall breaks are done in a way that clearly stay relevant to the comic itself, creating a very fluid break that can almost go unnoticed. These are complimented well with MIKs portrayal of the break over multiple panels.

fourth wall

Conversations between characters flow very smoothly and come across as natural and not forced. The punchlines are also delivered successfully, all of which is complimented by the art style. I really don’t have much else to say about the writing. Overall, I was very impressed with it.


The art is also very professional and pulls you in immediately with its simplistic colour palette and unique paneling sequences. Your eyes easily flow from one panel to the next allowing for the most enjoyable reading experience.


The paneling compliments the art well, and quickly creates a nostalgic feel that plays on a familiar style, similar to comics like Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. This is also evident in fight scenes, and even the placement of the speech bubbles.

MIK has also managed to create and capture an emotional attachment to otherwise inanimate objects through dramatic expressions, colours, and movement.


To Be a Comic isn’t afraid to challenge different perspectives, express through different types of paneling, and play upon nostalgic concepts. MIK has clearly put in the effort to tell a fantastic story, and I believe he has successfully done so.


It amazes me that this comic doesn’t have more followers. This is by far one of the more professional feeling comics that I have read in a long time, and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. MIK has proven that he understands how to make a successful story and tell it with amazing artwork. I really hope To Be a Comic by MIK gains more traction. It truly deserves it.

You can check out To Be a Comic by MIK on Tapastic!

Want to know more about MIK and his comic?

I’m a Dutch fulltime illustrator working under the name www.StudioMIK.nl 
Sneak a peek if you want and if you’re there, do leave a Doodle in the right corner 🙂
My first step in the comic world was my album; World of DIK. A dark sadistic horror comic.
Which didn’t do so well in the bookstores, but raised some attention on Tapastic.
All the folks there inspired me to make more comics and so I wanted to make something lighter.
More creative and less restrained by my need for perfection. And so ‘To be a Comic’ was born. 
Therefore To be a comic is not much storyboarded, but more an on-the-go-comic 🙂 
Start something and see where we end up 🙂 
In the meantime 2 Dutch albums have been released and I hope to make more in the future.
If you’re wondering what I’m up to in the future; here’s a little glimpse of my interActive comic:
More info on that can be found on Patreon.com/MIK