“Ever since he was young Mihai had always been intimidating and socially awkward making others avoid him. He grew up to become very anti-social preferring to stay within his social circle that include his grandmother, two friends and his beloved cat Muffins…. Well, that’s how it used to be until a new neighbor moves in with his friend and she turns out to be the exact opposite of him.”



Socializing 101 by Pandastrophiic is a casual story about a growing friendship between multiple characters. This comic is very simple in story but makes up for it with adorable and loving characters.

adorable characters

The casual style allows for a light, enjoyable read about every day life and romances. Highly relatable, this is a comic that many people will be able to follow along with bringing back nostalgic memories, or it may even be an experience you are currently living.

relatable 2

There is plenty of opportunities for character growth, and Pandastrophiic does not disappoint in this department. Socializing 101 is the perfect title for this comic as the main characters learn how to meet and open up to people.


The writing style is very casual, which fits well with the rest of the story. However, it can feel a bit awkward at times, as if the conversations were forced, which hinders the flow. Try avoiding phrases like, “Well, anyway,” as it typically does not create a natural flow through topics and can make the conversation feel broken and uncomfortable.

The grammar and spelling could use some improvement, as well. The writing is easy to understand, though, and any errors do not really hinder the overall reading experience. Make sure you have a good editor on hand who can go over and catch any mistakes that you may have made.

Socializing 101 does have clearly defined thought versus conversation speech bubbles which make it easy to quickly read back and forth between internal conversations and external ones. Just be careful not to overdo the talking. It can be daunting to see so much text all the time in a comic, plus a picture can sometimes say more than what you want to say with words.

clearly defined thought vs conversation


Pandastrophiic definitely excels in art. The colouring is especially impressive, with smooth blending and a creamy texture. The soft colours and lines create an almost dream-like consistency that soothes the eyes and compliments the font.

gorgeous artwork

Socializing 101 utilizes space well, having thought bubbles or conversations that weave in and out of panels, connecting each one successfully. Paneling plays an important role in portraying the scene and it is done well in this comic, maximizing the use of white space and flow from one panel to the next.


One small note to make is that the sketch lines are still visible. Although not necessarily a bad thing, it does take away from a cleaner and completed look. Consider removing these sketch lines if ever producing this comic into a more professional format, such as a printed book.

Aside from that, I’m overall very impressed with the art in Socializing 101. Pandastrophiic has done an excellent job portraying this comic, and you can feel the characters emotions in each panel as they challenge what they know and discover the truths about each other.



Socializing 101 by Pandastrophiic is a lovely casual read with gorgeous artwork. I would suggest finding an editor or a good friend to go through the script and make sure that the flow remains consistent and that any spelling or grammar errors are caught. This is a comic that will easily have you falling in love with the characters, wanting to follow along as they go about their everyday lives, learning how to love themselves and each other.

You can read Socializing 101 by Pandastrophiic on Tapastic!