This entry may contain spoilers for Boku no (My) Hero Academia.

World: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)
Name: Tsuyoi “Jet” Hagane
Born: February 3rd
Gender: Male
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Black
Height: 5’1


Jet, Allows the User to fly forward, at high speeds, to change direction, he must turn off his quirk in mid-air, turn his body, then reactivate it. Tsuyoi can stop whenever he wants to, and the quirk makes him invulnerable to a degree, so when he runs into things, they don’t hurt him.


Tsuyoi wanted to be a rugby player when he was young, he started to play it after he watched Australian Rugby on TV when he was 6. Tsuyoi discovered his quirk when practicing on a dummy, he started flying into it with no control, he didn’t know how to stop till his Father and Mother calmed him down. Tsuyoi and his parents decided he shouldn’t play Rugby till he gets full control of his quirk, but even then, he was banned by the school, since they didn’t want to risk him cheating and using his quirk to win the game or accidently hurting the other kids, this made him depressed, but he still practiced with his Father and Mother. When he was 14, he decided he would try to go to UA, since he wanted to use his quirk for something. Tsuyoi got into class 1-A with a score of 24 Villain points, and 30 Rescue points for ramming some debris that was about to hit a group of people. On his first day of class, he was surprised on how instead of the students staying away from him because he looked tough and intimidating, they talked to him, mostly Eijiro Kirishima, who took a liking to Tsuyoi because he looked “Manly”, and Tsuyu Ashi, whose first words to him is that she bagged the nick name Tsu, which just made Tsuyoi slightly surprised. Tsuyoi befriended the whole class, be it the exception of Shoto Todoroki (which he befriended later after the sports festival) and Katsuki Bakugo, because Bakugo doesn’t really make friends, he just tolerates people. From then he has been there for all the events that the class has been in, fought the villains, lives with the class in the dormitory and now has gotten his temporary hero licence, now he just waits for the next adventures him and his class will get dragged into.


Tsuyoi always holds his ground, if he was in a video game, he would be called a Tank, he always takes the hits for others, he also likes to use his head, literally. Tsuyoi’s favourite food is sweets, anything sugary, but he burns it off fast since he spends his days exercising. Tsuyoi looks tough, someone not to fight, but is a big softy if you know him, it’s because of his looks that it’s sometimes hard to make friends. If possible, Tsuyoi would avoid a fight and find a way to stop someone without any one getting hurt, but is prepared to use his fists and quirk if needed. Some of the time he is in his own world, not paying attention to the others around him, completely oblivious to everyone, till they tap him or get in his face. Tsuyoi prefers physical activity over things like reading, but he does get the occasional video game in here and there. Tsuyoi wants to be a hero to fight those that wish to do harm to others, he doesn’t care about money, but this is the best way so he can be a hero full time without needing to worry about another job.

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