“Vatican Assassins is the story of the younger members of the Vatican’s secret demon hunting militia who protect the Pope and the church.  While avoiding being eaten by the same demons they fight, they become embroiled in a 40 year old mystery in a secret diary. But there are many who want the diary’s story to stay secret forever–the heads of the Assassins who are racing the solve the mystery themselves; the Orthodox church, responsible for.”



Vatican Assassins by MJ Massey doesn’t waste time jumping straight into the plot. In fact, it might jump a little too quickly, as the reader is not given much time to figure who people are and what exactly their purpose is. It can be scraped off of the sides here and there, but it may be wise to take a second to introduce characters and story lore a bit before you jump straight in.

There are some unique aspects to this story that do pull you in, including the smooth tie of reality with fantasy. Massey does an excellent job of tying the two together to create a realistic world.


There were some spelling and grammar errors in Vatican Assassins. Make sure you proofread your comics. It may be a good decision to either get someone to volunteer to proofread your story for you, or hire someone who can do it for you, so that you have fresh eyes looking over and catching any mistakes that you may have missed yourself.

Aside from the spelling and grammar errors, Massey creates strong conversational flow between characters, which only enhances the quality of the story. This, paired with minimal amounts of fluff content, allows for the relevant information to thrive and creates a clear path for the plot to progress.

conversational flow


Massey does a fantastic job of incorporating detailed backgrounds, creating gorgeous scenes that only enhance the quality of the comic as a whole.


Massey also is not afraid to play around with perspectives, which is highly important when creating a comic filled with action scenes. The more movement and perspective that can be portrayed, the better. Although there are some areas where proportions struggle because of this, it certainly adds more than it deters. Well done.


To cap it all off, Vatican Assassins is filled with colour that only compliments the comic further. The good use of colour gives this comic an appealing look, and with more practice, Massey is sure to stun readers with their art.


Vatican Assassins by MJ Massey is just starting to get its legs underneath it. As the comic continues to grow, so will Massey’s talents in art and storytelling. If you enjoy an action-filled comic with a bit of a religious twist, this may be an interesting comic for you.

You can check out Vatican Assassins by MJ Massey here.