Tabantha Wheat - Min

Name: Taba

Universe/World: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


The curious shop rests on a distant cliff, barely visible through fog and moonlight. You grab your paraglider and leap from the other side of the deep canyon, navigating safely over the landscape. You reach the other side, but you’ll have to walk some distance up a grassy hill. You tuck away the paraglider and start jogging.

Kilton is at his usual place behind the counter of his shop. He spots you and waves a clawed hand in greeting. “Link!”

You wave back. Of course the merchant knows your name. At this point, you’re a regular at his shop. You’ve seen every piece of merchandise and every gruesome monster part. You know the ins and outs and –


You stare in shock at the bizarre. . . What is that behind Kilton?

Kilton notices your confusion. “Oh yeah, you haven’t seen my newest creation, have you? Hey, robot!” he barks.

The figure turns slightly. You can now make out an eerie golden mask suspended in midair. Its body is composed of black and sheer blue fabric, with curious blue energy pulsing down through uneven lines to delicate metallic hands.

“I found the mask during my travels,” Kilton explains. “But when I picked it up, it came to life!”

You question Kilton about something.

“Yeah, I built it those hands,” the merchant boasts. “It was a big help creating new gear to sell. But lately, it hasn’t been listening to anything I say. Robot! Come here.”

As if on cue, the robot moves away from Kilton and towards with a whoosh. You start back, but all it does is cheerfully circle you.

Kilton guffaws. “The robot seems interested in your stash, Link.”

Sure enough, the mysterious robot has found your collection of herbs and plants. It carefully pinches each stalk with two fingers and inspects it before moving onto the next one. There seems to be a kind of wordless communication going on between you two. “I guess the silent types get along,” Kilton comments.

Maybe you could figure out what’s on the robot’s mind? . . . Oh. Is that it? You look back at Kilton and suggest something.

“What? You think – you think the robot is upset because it wants what?”

You nod.

“Ridiculous,” the merchant says. “You really think all it wants is its own name?”

Both of you turn to look at the robot, which now has a single stalk of Tabantha Wheat in its fingers. It seems to have taken a liking to the grain of similar golden hue.

“Tabantha Wheat? . . . What about ‘Taba’?” Kilton calls to the robot. “Taba!”

Taba perks up.

“Let’s get to work on that prototype we designed the other day, shall we? I’ll get the template!”

Is it just your imagination, or does Taba’s body look lighter? The newly-named robot moves back behind the counter and busily rummages through a barrel of monster parts.

Kilton turns back to you with a gruesome grin. “So what can I get for you at Fang and Bone tonight?”

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