Possy - Nabtales

World: Teen Titans

Real Name: Mary Jones

Aliases: Possessed Girl, Possy

Place of Origin: Jump City

Residence: Unknown

Species: half-human, half-demon

Affiliations: None

Friends: Raven

Family: Ordinary people

Powers & Abilities:

Origin source of power unknown. Suspicion of gaining some from Trigon after events on earth.

  • ExtraSensory Perception
  • Spiritual powers
  • Advanced telekinesis
  • Fire elemntal
  • Red Energy Control
  • Creation of fire-demons


  • Raven
  • Robin
  • Cyborg ( generally only bcs he’s repairing things for her)
  • Terra
  • Listening to music
  • Reading


  • Starfire
  • BestBoy jokes not in the right moment
  • Pop music
  • Repairing electronics


After Teen Titans “The end” episodes
– What … What’s going on? – Mary asked without seeing anything but blinding white. The light slowly gave way and her eyes saw again the streets of Jump City. She saw something falling from the sky. It’s Raven slowly falling down to her friends from Teen Titans.Yes, the titans save the world again – she thought and went ahead. With her first step her heart became more agitated as if it wanted to jump out of her breast. She collapsed in half and grasped her breast. Sweat sprinkled her forehead.

– Are you all right? – Asked a man and laid his hand on her back. He bent down gently to try to look her in the face.

– No, no, I’m fine, thanks – she lied and waved quikly for apologetically goodbye. She dropped all plans for today and went home. The heart continued to throb and her shirt began to stick to her back from the sweat.

She came home and immediately threw herself on the bed. She curled up and huged herself with shoulders. Her body was getting shakes. She squeezed her eyelids. He opened them. Squeezed again. She could not get rid of the four-eyed demon with horns from vision behind her eyelids. With that came a feeling of heat. It grew and grew. She had a silly desire to go to cool off in the shower but she didn’t have the strength to stand up. Heat turned into pain. Smoking pain. Flames spreading from fingertips to the heart. She screamed and her mind filled with the darkness.

She got up from a wet bed of her sweat. She wiped her face. She looked at her hands. Her skin turned darker. She ran to the bathroom. Hair also changed color but it didn’tt catch her attention. Horns grew up from her head and something strange on her forehead. She reached for the strange tuber with her hand. She touched it delicatly. The skin layer unfolded and her third eye appeared on her face.

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