5 Recommended Webcomics

Next Town Over by Erin Mehlos

“Frontier fantasy full of steam, sorcery and secrets! Mysterious and mechanically-inclined, Vane Black will pursue wanted rogue John Henry Hunter to the ends of the frontier … with explosive and unfortunate results for anyone in their path.”


Next Town Over by Erin Mehlos is a steampunk fantasy that dominates the western world. This is a comic I was initially drawn to because of its stunning artwork, and I’ll continue to follow it because of the unique storyline. The characters are rich with backstory and a lot of the plot is told through action rather than words. If you are looking for a story that pulls you right into the world and immerses you in the characters, then I highly recommend Next Town Over.

Suihira: The City of Water by Riana Dorsey

“Legend has it that somewhere on this miserable, ocean-less desert planet, the goddess of water, Akia, had created “Suihira,” the city of water. If you prove yourself devoted to Akia, she will lead you there, where you can have all the water you can drink…or so the myth goes. Truth is, the people of the desert know better. They know Akia abandoned humanity centuries ago. Wahida isn’t convinced.”


Suihira: The City of Water by Riana Dorsey is another comic that engulfs you in rich plot and drowns you in the depths of its characters. It is clear that Dorsey put a lot of effort into making this story and it has certainly paid off. The colour palettes in this comic are stupendous as well, making the pages come alive before your eyes. This is another great comic I would highly recommend if you enjoy adventure fantasy infused with the myths of the gods.

Demon House by Joanne Kwan

“Tula is a student just trying to get through her senior year of college. Little does she know that her new rental is inhabited by demons. Juggling her social life and these new roommates should be no problem.”


Demon House by Joanne Kwan is a much lighter story than the other two. This is a slice-of-life/fantasy comic that introduces some misfit characters that form a very unique friendship. Kwan gets creative with character designs and doesn’t hold back on personality either. If you are looking for a story that follows the relatively normal life of a college student -but with a twist- then you should definitely give Demon House a read. It’s bizarrely human.

Wingless: The Dovecote Princess by S.A.

“A dark fantasy story about a girl named Ephelia who wants to be a knight for the honour of her family. After making an impromptu deal with an unknown entity, she finds her world increasingly distorted. Will she allow this dubious deal to destroy her dream of knighthood, or use it to her advantage?”


We are following a fantasy trend this month, but this one has a very disturbing storyline. This is not a story I would suggest to the faint of heart. Wingless has one of the most unique subplots I have ever seen. Although the overall plot follows the rules of all fantasy stories, S.A. took a twisted turn straight from page one with this comic. If you are looking for a refreshing read filled with adorable characters, humour, and plenty of gore to disturb you for a decade, then I highly suggest Wingless: A Dovecote Princess.

The uncensored version of Wingless can be found here

The Secret of Doctor James Barry by Amanda Nordman

“Doctor James Miranda Barry was a British military surgeon in the early 1800s who wanted to help people from all walks of life. He wasn’t your everyday male doctor however… James Barry was in fact a woman.”


Stepping away from fantasy, we turn to a historical comic about Doctor James Barry by Amanda Nordman. Nordman has done an excellent job of telling this extraordinary doctor’s life. This is a comic filled with bravery and heartwarming moments that are sure to keep you reading. The characters are highly lovable with a passion that pushes them forward and into situations that others would flee from. If you enjoy strong female leads, adventure and the pursuit for justice, then I would highly recommend The Secret of Doctor James Barry.

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