5 Recommended Webcomics

Nerf This by Scott Ferguson

Nerf This cover (print).

This comic is definitely not for a young audience. It is filled with sexual innuendos and content that will make you cringe -but it will also get that belly rolling with laughter. I have never seen a creator who has changed their art style so drastically, and so successfully, in one comic like Scott Ferguson has. I would recommend this comic to anyone who doesn’t mind a bit -or a lot- of raunchy humour, and some memorable moments that cross between dapper and horror. Also, the GIFs and images in the author’s comments section are top-notch.

The Property of Hate by Sarah Jolley

“A voyage.”

The Property of Hate.PNG

The Property of Hate by Sarah Jolley is a much more family friendly comic. It introduces a world of imagination (quite literally) and shows us that nothing is ever impossible. The characters are fantastically well designed and Jolley has done an excellent job of representing feelings into the characters (read the comic and you’ll understand what I mean). Not to mention the artwork is always breathtaking. If you enjoy unique concepts that will leave you in amazement after each page, then you’ll most likely enjoy The Property of Hate.

Mondo Mango by The Kao

“The Kao’s slice-of-life comic series!
Enjoy the random shenanigans that happens to the 20+ somethin-year old Asian American guy.”

Mondo Mango.PNG

Mondo Mango by The Kao is an adorable slice-of-life comic that will get you grinning ear to ear. This comic has a knack for capturing real life moments that most of us have experienced -and for those moments that aren’t as relatable, The Kao has done an excellent job interpreting his life in a way that we can laugh along with him. Mondo Mango is filled with lovable characters that help us appreciate the little things in life. I’d recommend this comic to anyone who wants to read something that is short and sweet that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Pooka’s Journey by Krams

Poor Pooka fell into this deep, black hole. He has no idea how he got into it, but it’s clear he has to get out and start his long journey away from the darkness, away from the vicious Gloomwolf who try to swallow him, towards the horizon … “

Pooka's Journey.PNG

On a more serious note, Pooka’s Journey by Krams is a tale about depression and mental illness. It has a strong message and shows how important support and help are by using an abstract concept that allows for an enjoyable read. You will find yourself rooting for the character, cheering for him when he accomplishes something, and crying alongside him as he struggles to find a way to keep going. This is a comic that I believe is appropriate for everyone and I think is very informative for those of us who have struggled with mental illness, as well as for those who are trying to understand it -whether it be for themselves or for loved ones.

Daniel by Sara Nelson

“In a 1930s Illinois, we follow the tale of Daniel Groth, a down-on-his-luck but good spirited gravedigger who simply disappears one day without a trace, leaving behind his best and only friend, Christine, of whom he was secretly in love with. He returns months later to Christine’s house…very much changed. Now a horrifying creature of the night, Daniel’s true personality is fading away, leaving only his unquenchable desire for blood.”


Daniel by Sara Nelson is actually a comic I have reviewed (which you can see here), but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be on this list. Daniel is an underrated horror comic that excels at creating that disturbing vibe you horror lovers crave so very much. The thing that I love about this comic is that it doesn’t fit the “jump out and scare me” pact that a lot of creators seem to have made. Nelson has created a comic that has more depth -she has managed to create a backstory to the characters that will put a chill down your spine as you watch a protagonist become an antagonist. Prepare yourself as the character you thought you loved shows a new face. Recommended for people who want a plot heavy horror read.