5 Recommended Webcomics

The Meek by Der-shing Helmer


The Meek by Der-shing Helmer is a fantasy story that explores a world torn by war, and a young girl sent to save it. This is a story that is rich with plot and characters overflowing with personality. If you are looking for a comic that exaggerates expressions and really delves into tackling emotions, this may be the perfect comic for you. Helmer also shows her artistic abilities extremely well in this comic, as each page is filled with stunning colours and scenery. Although The Meek follows a dark theme, Helmer makes sure to throw a few smiles and laughs in there when she can, making for a fantastic read.

Prague Race by Petra Nordlund


Get ready to be consumed by a world so far into the fantasy genre, you won’t be able to drag yourself out. Prague Race by Petra Nordlund is filled to the brim with as much imagination as one comic can muster.  Nordlund’s art style encapsulates horror while the script oozes humour. This is not a comic that just anyone can read, only those with an open mind and who are ready to explore a side of the genre they have never seen before. Either way, I still highly recommend everyone give it a try.

Year in Hereafter by Karoliina H.

Year in Hereafter.PNG

Year in Hereafter by Karoliina H. is another rich world of fantasy that sucks you in and makes you wonder how on Earth these creators keep coming up with new and exciting reads. The artwork in Year in Hereafter will leave you breathless as it explores worlds within worlds, breaking the rules of what creatures should look and act like. This isn’t your typical fantasy story and each page will leave you with a sense of awe. Get ready for an epic adventure that drags you right in to the plot and will leave you begging for more. I can’t recommend this comic enough.

Skulls and Coins by Adrian

Skulls and Coins.PNG

I found Skulls and Coins by Adrian quite recently and instantly fell in love with the art style and stories. This is another one of those comics that sits on the line between fantasy and horror, and can either be the most fascinating thing you have ever seen, or deeply concerning and terrifying. It all depends on how dark you like your stories. I would again recommend everyone at least give this comic a try, but if you don’t enjoy the first story, it might be wise to stop there.

Captain Macbastard by Twistwood


Think epic comedy with gargantuan exaggeration in situations and attitudes. I can’t express enough how incredibly stupendous this comics is in terms of progression and pure comedy gold. There’s nothing like a character who can rip a beard off his own face and grow it back instantly. If you are looking for a comic to cheer you up after an all-around terrible day, then you’ve come to the right place! Captain Macbastard by Twistwood can help with that.