5 Recommended Webcomics

Silversong by Sugar Fiend

“Silversong is an high fantasy adventure comic. Tebetha is a young girl whose farsight ironically caused her to blindly stumble upon a dangerous plot aiming to tear down the Walled Kingdom.”


Prepare for a world of high fantasy as you go on a perilous journey seeking out truth in Silversong by Sugar Fiend. Each page swirls with magic as you become more and more engrossed in the ever evolving plot. You’ll be at the edge of your seat as the plot tightens around you, creating an intense feeling of urgency and the need for reprieve. This is a story anyone could easily enjoy.

A Dance with Death by Crystal Yates

A Dance with Death

Discover a tale where Death awaits a guest at the end of the world, interacting with the seven deadly sins and other guests along the way. A Dance with Death by Crystal Yates captures the emotions, and personalities of these characters with ease. Get a taste of a world as experienced through Death, a new perspective on a being normally shrouded by evil. Who could Death’s mysterious guest be? Only one way to find out: Give this comic a read!

Bookwyrms by Lorena Garcia

In a world quite like ours used to look a hundred years ago, libraries are all named after mythological creatures for a reason.

When Suzzen and Rogier, two teenage orphans residents at Undine Library, discover along with neurotic librarian Arabelia that books are being stolen and replaced by forged copies, they will begin a dangerous investigation. At the same time, Suzzen is researching about her parents, whom she barely remembers; and though she seems to be in the right place, she is having a hard time finding anyone who would tell her anything about them…”


Bookwyrms by Lorena Garcia quickly ensnares you in gorgeous artwork and a tale full of wonders and exciting promises. Fall in love with the characters as you join them on a unique quest to discover the truths behind some mysterious- and dangerous -events. This is a comic that will pull you right into the story, enticing you with more questions as you read each new page.

The DaneMen by David Danemen

‘”Show, don’t tell. That’s what they told me. “The DaneMen” is a silent comic strip. People all look the same. There are three main flavors: absurd, truthy and grim. Hitchcock said “Drama is life with all the dull bits cut out.” Too bad. Life is 99% dull bits. Seems like a waste of bits to me. Chaplin said “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” Well…”The DaneMen” has close-ups, long-shots, AND mediums-shots! Take that, Chaplin!”‘

The DaneMen

Enter into a world where every man, woman and child looks exactly the same. The DaneMen by David Danemen is a beautifully created silent comic that will surprise you with how much it can say without actually saying a word. Full of wit and charm, The DaneMen thrives off of clever wordplay, ensuring its grasp on your attention and entertainment. Enter into a world of similarities, and enjoy a taste of something unique.

Deep Sea by Katta

“Peeping at girls is a risky hobby, especially when done underwater.”

Deep Sea.PNG

Deep Sea by Katta is a very short silent comic that is beautifully drawn and will make you sputter at its humorously morbid ending. Remain stunned at how quickly this short story escalates to the point where there is no turning back. Embrace the character’s fate in its comedic glory, all of which is topped off with the most complimentary of art styles.