5 Recommended Webcomics

Medical Tales Retold by The Awkward Yeti

True stories from the world of medicine, re-imagined and brought to life by The Awkward Yeti. Unique, bizarre, funny and touching stories from real patients, doctors and caregivers.



Medical Tales Retold by The Awkward Yeti brings humour to even the most serious of situations. Prepare for some bizarre true stories that brought people to the hospital. Filled with side comments and a cartoon art style, you’ll be sure to get a laugh at these ridiculous tales. This is a perfect read for anyone who is not overly squeamish and enjoys a good chuckle at some of the weird situations that people find themselves in.

Shadowbinders by Clownfish Studios

“Shadowbinders is a young adult fantasy webcomic about Mia White, who is teleported to the ‘steamfantasy’ world of Belatyr, thanks to her grandfather’s antique ring. There she meets a mage named Crimson Rhen, who is the captain of the infamous airship, The True North.”


Shadowbinders by Clownfish Studios (Kambrea and Thom Pratt) mixes steampunk fantasy with modern day life. This is a comic that takes you on an adventure filled with unique character designs and fascinating beasts. An action-packed story pulls you in straight from page one and you won’t be able to put it down! If you are looking for an exciting story to sink your teeth in, I would highly recommend Shadowbinders.

Fey Winds by Nicole Chartrand

“Kit used to live a simple life, an “innocent woodland creature” kind of simple life. But then a curse turned her human, and now, with her adventuring buddies (and their own curses), she’s on a quest to uncurse herself and her friends (hopefully), find magical treasures (unlikely) and stay ahead of the trouble that seems to be chasing them around the Seven Kingdoms (not gonna happen)… and maybe a raid a chicken coop or two on the way!”

Fey Winds.PNG

Fey Winds by Nicole Chartrand follows the tale of a group of misfits trying to find answers. This is a comic filled with love and friendship, challenged constantly by new and old battles alike. You’ll be stunned with the artwork and fall in love with each character’s story. Fey Winds is a comic I’d recommend to anyone looking for a read that can make them laugh and cry all in the same page.

Spindrift by Elsa Kroese and Charlotte E. English


Spindrift by Elisa Kroese and Charlotte E. English takes on a much more serious tone than the others on this list. The first thing that will draw you in to this comic is the stunning art. The artwork in this comic will take your breath away with gorgeous scenery and beautiful character designs. The script follows a close second with well-developed characters and a solid plot filled with twists and turns. You’ll be on the edge of your seat while reading this unique fantasy.

Otto the Odd and the Dragon King by Kit and Kat Comics

“A young boy who smells like sauerkraut must use his wits to save his best friend from a career dragon slayer.”

Otto the Odd and the Dragon King.PNG

Otto the Odd and the Dragon King by Kit and Kat Comics is a beautiful story about friendship and compromises. You’ll fall in love with the quirky characters and cheer along with every victory. This is a short and sweet comic that will be just as enjoyable the second read-through as the first. If you are looking for a completed story that will make you smile at the end, then Otto the Odd and the Dragon King is the perfect comic for you -no matter your age!