5 Recommended Webcomics

My 8 Bit Story by Jose Garcia

“‘My 8 Bit Story’ It’s a wordless comic about a girl traveling through old Gameboy games, it’s mostly a visual voyage and nostalgia.”

My 8 Bit Story

My 8 Bit Story by Jose Garcia takes you down the rabbit hole of video games and brings them to life in an amazing world of vibrant colours and twisting perspectives. The epitome of wordless comics, Garcia is sure to enrapture you into a world of imagination that you won’t want to leave. My 8 Bit Story is an enjoyable read for just about everyone!

Living When Dead by Koolaid-Girl

“A story about a lonely zombie facing the challenges of being different and having to confront his own demons…”

Living When Dead

Living When Dead by Koolaid-Girl mixes a dark theme with bright colours, creating the perfect contrast for an eerie atmosphere. If you don’t mind a little gore with your plot, this is a fantastic read that will keep you entertained straight from page one.

Hot Chocolate and Other Potions by Jeen Ayu

“A modern magical coffee shop story set in the (hidden) heart of Manila.

Chloe Luna works at the Brewery, a small café owned by her Tita Irie. Her life is as normal as any normal witch’s life goes— but everything changes when something happened (as always).”

Hot Chocolate and Other Potions

Hot Chocoloate and Other Potions by Jeen Ayu comes to life right before your eyes as it dances on the screen with animations. Watch the scenes pop off the screen with enthusiasm as you fall in love with the world and its characters. Be prepared for the beginning of an epic witch adventure!

18 Saints are 18 Sinners by Dojo

“Craddock is a luckless incubus on the search for happiness and self fulfillment which he believes lies in finding the perfect job. Unfortunately, everything seems to be against him, from a lovelorn human showing up in his apartment one day, to bills piling up, to the threat of having to move back in with his two moms, to getting roped into some world domination scheme he didn’t ask to be part of, all while doing his best not to get murdered by those wishing to stop his bosses domination schemes.”

18 Saints are 18 Sinners

18 Saints are 18 Sinners by Dojo plays with unique character designs and an art style like no other, both of which leave you wishing there were more episodes than there currently are. The plot isn’t left far behind, providing a heightened intrigue with each new release. This comic will fill a want in your life you didn’t know you were missing.

Rainy Days by Dave Stankoven

“Start at the beginning.
Enjoy the Rainy Days.”

Rainy Days

Rainy Days by Dave Stankoven provides a refreshing twist on your classic plot, allowing for unpredictability and a sense that the pieces of the puzzle are finally being put together. Follow along with Dave and all of his friends as they explore life and take you into a far deeper plot than you could have realized.