5 Recommended Webcomics

Llucid by DoodleDamage

This story is about two young adults who live two separate lives–in the real world; but when the two gain supernatural powers in the world of dreams, they realized how slowly but surely the world isn’t what it seems.


Llucid by DoodleDamage is a surreal story that might leave some of you terrified. It follows the life of a young adult through a bizarre and  potentially dangerous encounter. The reason why this comic stands out so clearly for me, is DoodleDamage’s ability to throw in humour. I’ve never seen horror and comedy mix so well before. This comic is new and fresh, so I would highly recommend it if you are looking for an exciting comic to follow along with as it grows.

Oren’s Forge by Teagan Gavet

When animals considered to be “prey” by the apex predators of the world begin to band together for safety, where does it leave those caught in between?
Namely, a pair of pine martens, carnivores and flesh-eaters themselves, but small enough to be considered food for the bears, wolves and gluttons of the forest and field. They’re on a journey to seek sanctuary with the rabbits, squirrels and other prey that have gathered to Oren–but they don’t know if welcome or condemnation will meet them.


Oren’s Forge by Teagan Gavet offers a classic adventure story with a unique twist. Something that would probably be tackled by Disney or Pixar, Oren’s Forge follows the adventures of a brave marten as he attempts to find safety from a world that is dangerous to anyone that is small enough to be considered prey. This comic is beautifully drawn, with plenty of visible time and effort put into each page. The plot is incredibly strong and it is clear that Gavet developed the story beforehand. If you are looking for a comic full of exciting twists and turns, then I would highly recommend Oren’s Forge.

☆Colorless☆ by Niko

Colorless is the story about kids who can’t remember February 29th and are trying to find their way home.


Colorless by Niko is another surreal comic that will dazzle you with pretty colours and unique character designs. It is currently not very far along in the story, as main characters are still being introduced, but this is one of those comics that has me excited to see where it goes. Niko has done a fantastic job of telling a story by using minimal words, allowing the reader to get out of their heads and into the world. If you are looking for a new comic that puts you right into a confusing mess along with the main character, then I recommend Colorless. Follow along with the protagonist as he tries to figure out what is going on.

Ten z Lesa by Kiwa

One Forest. One Village. Many residents with many problems. And one Boy of the Forest.


Ten z Lesa by Kiwa is a fantasy story that will hook you with intriguing characters and character designs. The world Kiwa has created is absolutely stunning and offers more with each page. This is another comic that isn’t far along in the plot yet, however, it shows great potential. This is a story for those of you who wish to read something sewn in the world of fantasy, with the prospective thought of, “What will happen next?”

Name Pending by CK

Random ideas I have or events that happen.


Name Pending by CK is a slice-of-life comic for those of you who aren’t looking for more long-form stories. CK tells tales of his life through short stories or strips that can leave you laughing at his quirky, and yet terribly normal, life. Many of the events that CK tells are relatable, making it all that more enjoyable to read. I would highly recommend this comic if you love following along with a creator’s journey as an artist, as well as if you are looking for something that will make you smile -also if you follow The Kao, this might be a comic you should check out…