5 Recommended Webcomics

The Boy Who Fell by DED

“The Boy Who Fell revolves around an innocent, softhearted and almost-spineless boy named Ren who suddenly finds himself in Hell after accidentally falling off a school rooftop. He is then forced to partake in a tournament full of powerful and vicious beings in order to attain his only way of going home: an all-powerful wish from the ruler of Hell himself.

As the story progresses, lines between allies and enemies are blurred, dark pasts are revealed, political issues come to light and all the while, Ren slowly realizes that in order to survive this journey, he might have to give up the very things that make him human.”


The Boy Who Fell by DED is a fantastical story that takes a well-known topic and spins it on its head. The underworld that DED has created is unique and complex, which offers an exciting new perspective that will keep you very entertained. There isn’t a single character I do not love in this comic and you will find yourself rooting for all of them. DED has allowed readers to know what the end goal of the plot is, which allows for a greater connection with the characters and the story. I would recommend this comic to anyone who is looking for an exciting read and isn’t afraid of a little violence.

I Love You, Bambette! by Tato

“The legend of Nobunaga and his love for the alluring Bambette. Romance! Drama! Friendship! Betrayal! Joy! Despair! And ultimately…life!”


I Love You, Bambette! by Tato has been getting a fair amount of attention lately -and this is a comic that deserves every second of it. Tato has managed to create a story about acceptance, beauty, and the importance of friendship. This story will leave you with tears in your eyes from laughter as well as from sadness. Go on a journey with these lovable characters as you find out what it means to live. I would recommend this comic for anyone and everyone.

Strays by Samantha Whitten

Meela is a young, orphaned lupian (a race of people with wolf-like features) who is struggling to survive on her own. A chance encounter on less than pleasant terms teams her up with Feral, another lupian who happens to be a mute as well as one of the best mercenaries in the land, and who is not quite so welcoming of her forced company as she would like to believe.

Fun, danger and plenty of humorous situations follow the two on their wayward adventures, however the seemingly peaceful world they reside in is not quite the paradise that its reputation makes it out to be. When a taboo topic and a dark secret collide, it may unravel their already tattered lives and force each of them to face the reality of the truth, requiring each to make decisions that could alter their lives forever.”


Strays by Samantha Whitten is a story about trust, friendship, and growth. Whitten creates a unique world that offers adventure, action, and betrayal. Another fantastic story shrouded in questions and mysterious backstories for main characters. Once you start this comic, you won’t be able to stop. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an exciting story that offers more than just action and no plot.

The Dragon Tutor by Mar Mai

“When the dragon Zephyr is sent to tutor the young elf prince he discovers that not all is as it seems. As young Prince Quiver meets his intended bride a terrible conspiracy begins and only Zephyr can save the kingdom with a little help from his friends.”


Mar Mai has one of those special talents in which they can rip your heart out of your chest and leave you gasping for breath on the floor. The Dragon Tutor by Mar Mai seems like an innocent story until it goes full-blown Disney on your ass. Mentally prepare for this story, for though it may seem adorable and full of innocence, it is secretly out to make even the blackest of souls shed a tear. This is a written masterpiece, and I would recommend it for anyone -young and old.

Scurry by Mac Smith

“Scurry is a dark fantasy animal comic about a colony of mice in an abandoned house who are struggling to survive a long, strange winter. Being hunted by feral cats and predatory birds is part of life for these mice, but beyond the fences stalks something far more fearsome… “


Scurry by Mac Smith is one of the most beautiful comics you will read. The detailing in this comic is impeccable, and it will leave you breathless. Art alone isn’t enough for a comic to make this favourites list, however. Scurry makes the cut because of a mix of art and story. The plot is well planned, and, although not the most original, it is told extremely well. Anyone can easily appreciate and enjoy a story like this. Another awesome comic I would recommend to anyone and everyone.