Please see the contest comic made by Dave Stankoven before reading. 


  1. You must include one full-body character design (character sheet allowed) and a short story (250-500 words).
  2. Entries must be original characters specifically designed for this contest. This will be verified for each entry.
  3. You may have one entry. The first entry you submit will be used.
  4. The character design and the short story must both be submitted by the same creator.
  5. All submissions will be posted on Tapas Media and on WintreKitty Reviews as I receive them.*
  6. Submissions will be emailed to Provide your name, website, and any other information you want to be shared along with your entry.

Due Date:

11:59pm EDT on September 1, 2017. This due date is not subject to change. Any late submissions will not be included. Once the deadline has been met a voting poll will begin, although you may vote at anytime. The poll will be open for a determined amount of time. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Grading System:

Character Design

  • Theme: 1 point
    • Design fits chosen world
  • Technicalities: 8 points
    • Lines
    • Colour
    • Shading
    • Pose/proportions
    • Detailing
  • Creativity: 10 points
    • Background (integration into the world)
    • Unique traits and/or features
    • The personality (i.e., character) representation of the design. Do they feel realistic for that world?
    • Overall creativity of the piece (does the artwork look complete, all pieces fit together to make a believable and attractive whole)

Short Story

  • Theme: 1 point
    • Story fits chosen world
  • Technicalities: 8 points
    • No spelling and grammar errors
    • Descriptive writing style
    • Clear and understandable story
    • Meets the 250-500 words requirement
  • Creativity: 10 points
    • Character is sufficiently described and introduced
    • The world is clearly defined and/or “visible”
    • The story is unique in writing style and/or concept
    • The character and/or narrative voice(s) were clear and distinct

Potluck System:

  • Funds for prizes will be collected via donations to either Ko-fi and/or the Tapas Tipping program.
  • All donations received will go directly to the winner(s).
  • All donators will be given one extra vote towards their favourite entry.
  • Winners will not be announced until the minimum of $100(CAD) has been reached.

Voting System:

  • Entries will be released as I receive them. You may vote for one at any time, but there will be a designated voting poll once the entry deadline has been met.
  • The voting poll will require your name to verify that no one is voting more than once.
  • If you donate via Ko-fi or Tapas Tipping program, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to vote again. You will receive one extra vote, regardless of the amount donated.**
  • If you enter the contest you are encouraged to vote for another participant’s work, although it is not required. You may vote for your own entry.


  • First place will receive a minimum of $100(CAD) and be reliant on the success of the potluck system.
  • Second and third place prizes pending the success of the potluck system.
  • Prizes will be given via PayPal or unless otherwise negotiated.
Please note: you have the right to all designs you create. These designs are originally for the contest, but you will retain full rights before and after the contest ends. You may share your entry as you please at any point during the contest.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

*If you wish for your entry not to be posted on one of these sites, please inform me in your submission.

** You may vote for the same entry or a separate entry with your second vote. If you donate via Ko-fi, please leave your email so I can contact you. Your second vote will be lost if you do not include an email or contact me stating that you donated (of which can be verified by myself). If donating through Tapas, you will be contacted there.