“These guys are colors, plain and simple. And since they are colors they can paint their surroundings, logically. Follow the rainbowed cast in their misadventures through the Nothingness, a strange, random, and strangely random place where anything can happen. Also there’s nothing there. What’s up with that?”



Room for Improvement by DynamoToon doesn’t have a set story like most of the comics that I review. I would label this comic under gag-a-day. For that reason, there isn’t much to tell in the story section.

The one thing I can say, is that there are consistent and repeatable characters which allows for a subtle progression throughout the strips. It’s easy to fall in love with each character as they all have unique personality traits and characteristics.


There are also some hints at a plot, but it hasn’t been built on at all. I’d like to see a continuation on the mysterious orb, as well as some character backgrounds being introduced.



I would say the writing for Room for Improvement is the most important since it’s all about the delivery of the punchline. For the most part, I think that DynamoToon does an excellent job with flow from one panel to the next and that the jokes land quite well.


There are a few strips that I find too repetitive and unoriginal. There is also the issue where this comic repeats stylistic jokes. For example, jokes that carry a literal meaning are a big theme in this comic. As much as I think these can be clever, they can also become predictable. Mix it up a bit more by adding some unique jokes so that these literal jokes can be a bit more unforeseeable.


Although this didn’t occur very often, there were some spelling and grammar mistakes. Remember to proofread, and get a friend to go over it for you as well to make sure that these mistakes are caught. Also, having someone else go over it can be great for letting you know how good your punchline is.



The art is beyond simplistic. However, this seems to be on purpose. The character designs are perfect for a gag-a-day comic. I wish there was more backgrounds though, as there are essentially none at all. I understand that this has something to do with the plot (mentioned in the synopsis), but the story hasn’t been told yet, so it really just looks like the artist got lazy.


That being said, I really do think the character designs are awesome. They are a simplistic concept that works very well. DynamoToon also excels at expressions in his characters and it’s great to see such exaggeration -especially in a comic that is supposed to make you laugh.


The last thing I want to touch on here, is the development from page one to where the comic sits now. Room for Improvement lives up to its name and shows how much room there really is. DynamoToon has developed as an artist and a writer immensely and it is great to see such growth. At this rate, I can only imagine how much he will grow in the coming years.




Room for Improvement by DynamoToon is a hilarious gag-a-day comic that will introduce you to some quirky new characters that you will fall in love with. If you want to add a few chuckles to your day, definitely check out this comic.

You can read it here, on Tapastic.